ROI: Return on Instagram


When running a business, you have to think of so many things as an investment. The time, energy, and yes, money, that go into a company often do not pay off for a while! It’s tough to figure out which investments are worth it, and how to measure when they pay off.

One of the most difficult things to quantify is your return on investment when it comes to social media. We know very well that it takes a LOT of work to up your Instagram game! Staging and editing photos. Writing killer captions. Analyzing your engagement to figure out how to build your post schedule. Engaging with other brands. And doing it all every single day!

Is all this work actually helping your bottom line?

We believe that it is!

First of all, the research is clear: Instagram has much higher engagement rates than any other platform. Not to mention, tracking an Instagram conversion is MUCH easier than tracking sales that are generated by print ads.

As a boutique PR agency, we believe in something a little more than just numbers. We believe that each person who interacts with our brand on social media is worthy of love and attention, and we love Instagram because it allows us to connect with followers in an authentic way! Building trust is the first step to brand loyalty. Being genuine is the first step to building trust.

That’s why we believe that relationships are a far more important currency than just followers and likes. A few loyal clients are more valuable than a million empty clicks. We believe that this form of growth is true and real. These are your clients who will return to you time and again, and who will spread the word about your products or services to others. 

And if you want us to help you build a profile that encourages relationship building, give us a call!


The PR Dolls