Why We Planoly | Social Media Management | POSH PR®

We know you have heard the old saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” So, that’s why we “Planoly.” (We realize this technically is not a verb…but it works, right?!)

While we may be a small boutique PR agency, sometimes just managing our own social media feels like a full-time job! So, we completely understand every small business owner’s frustration when it comes to managing their social media. We are so excited that #THEPRDOLLS team has grown to the point whereby we can manage multiple social media accounts for our clients! That being said, managing social media can sometimes feel like you are splitting hairs, taking that one post and distributing it to multiple platforms, answering comments, engaging….Especially when it comes to Instagram! This is why we love using Planoly.


For each client, we submit curated photos and captions in a group of a feed of 9. This enables us to ensure the brand appears cohesive and most of all, pretty! It also enables our clients to see their future Instagram feed as a whole. 

We find Planoly to be user-friendly. (Don’t get us wrong, dolls. #THEPRDOLLS are full of brains and beauty. But sometimes it’s to nice to come across something so do-able!) Planoly is extremely self-explanatory. Precisely because it is a visual planner and scheduler for Instagram, only, there are less things to cross-wire! It is clean and streamlined, which we are ever-so grateful for.

Now, everyone has an Achille’s heel, and Planoly is no different. We love the fact that Planoly allows you to automate your posts to Instagram. HOWEVER, automated posts have to be within a particular ratio. If your photos don’t lend themselves to being cropped without losing their visual integrity, you will have to go in and manually push the photos.

At the end of the day, Planoly makes your social media life a little easier, doll. Why wouldn't you at least give it a trial? Click here!

At POSH PR®, we offer a few different social media management packages. We can handle it all, from curating, scheduling, posting, and engaging or we can get you started with a social media starter kit, where we curate and caption and you do the rest!

Contact us here if you’d like to Planoly with #THEPRDOLLS!


Caroline + The PR Dolls