How #THEPRDOLLS Execute a Photoshoot! | Branding Photoshoots | POSH PR®

With a touch of pretty and a dash of pink, POSH PR®  loved producing a branding photoshoot for Sugar + Spruce, where everything is sweet!


In addition to poetry, branding photoshoots are something #THEPRDOLLS love. We turn your visual ideas into real-life photos. You know how they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words?” It’s truer than true!

Your brand’s imagery should offer an experience. It should explain to your audience what to expect without any actual explanation. What is of particular importance is visual consistency. Yes, you want a variety of content — but each photograph should communicate the same thing. 

Sugar + Spruce is a bath and body shop in Fredericksburg, Va. They are a fun-loving, colorful brand with a dash of cheeky humor. All of their products must be sweet! Essentially, they are like a candy shop without the calories. 

From hair, makeup and wardrobe, to location, photography and style, the process of selecting each and every detail involved in this shoot was guided by the above personality! That was our end vision. We start with the end. (At POSH PR®, we love reverse engineering!) 

Our last blog post focused on the importance of creative content in this digital age. While our branding photoshoots include social squares, they go a little beyond a pretty flat lay. Thinking about where your photos are going to be used is a second tip to guide the process. 

At the time of this photoshoot, Sugar + Spruce was in the beginning stages of re-doing their website. Keeping that in mind, the photographer focused on attractive compositions that would compliment an effortless scroll on the Sugar + Spruce website! 

Your branded imagery is like a caption without words.  Click here, doll. Let’s create branded visuals that essentially write your captions for you! 


Caroline + The PR Dolls

P.S. Curious to see Sugar + Spruce's newest social squares?! Here's a sneak peek at our latest content curation!