Let's Get Engaged


Yes, the new year is a great time to get some bling on that finger! But we’re talking about a different kind of engagement here: social media engagement!

In the social media world, engagement typically means likes, comments, shares, and click-throughs. We will be talking specifically about leveraging comments on Instagram to further your brand’s growth.


First, let’s tackle engaging with your already-loyal followers. Any time someone comments on your post, you better like + reply! #Protip: Instagram prefers comments that are at least 4 words long. They try to discourage “engagement bait,” or posts calling for emoji responses or tagging a friend. To get the algorithm to pay attention to you, comments need to be “meaningful.” Try to respond to each comment in a personalized way that’s more than just “thanks!” It takes time, but it’s worth the investment to get extra post views! Plus, if you respond to every comment, you are DOUBLING your comments per post, which will encourage viewers (and The Algorithm!) to pay attention.


Now let’s talk growth. Take a proactive approach to growing your follower count by engaging with likeminded brands. Not only will other professional brands engage (and maybe work with!) you, but followers of that brand will see and hopefully be intrigued by your brand. For example, someone that follows a celebrity PR manager might see our comment and want to reach out! For this reason, you again need to make sure that your comments are meaningful. Yes, you are boosting someone else’s brand, but you are also basically pitching a quick representation of who you are. Comments should be in your brand voice, and have some substance to them! Say something like, “we love these planners! We are always searching for new ways to organize our deadlines and get ahead on client work.”

Time to make a list of likeminded brands! This is a comprehensive list that can continue to grow as you interact with and discover new accounts. Make going through this list and commenting on posts a part of your daily routine! Instagram will believe you are friends with these brands and their followers, and push your content into their feeds more often. Plus, you are boosting someone in your community! Remember: community over competition!


To make your list, start by looking at the people you already follow. If you are going to invest time into interacting with accounts, they should have a high followers count. They should not be your direct competition (that would be shady!) but should be in an adjacent industry. For example, an interior decorator might interact with a paint company. A package designer might interact with breweries. Link up with brands that are already in your sphere, and you will grow your network!

So, do you accept this proposal? Let’s get engaged!


The PR Dolls