5 Steps to Setting Business Goals

Common New Years Resolutions include things like working out more and eating less. It’s often so easy to look at ourselves and know what we want to improve. But how can you set resolutions and goals that make sense for your business?

Think of your goals as a journey. What’s first?

Know where you’re going.

Yes, there is something to be said for spontaneity and wandering! But for your business to succeed, you need to have an end goal in mind. We talk about the champagne lifestyle a lot. Did you know your business could have a champagne life, too? Picture your retirement (this can be a stressful concept!) Ask yourself what you want your business to look like when you hand it off to your successor! That’s where you’re going.

Write it down.

So you’ve dreamed up an amazing office. A company culture that’s the talk of the town. Clients begging to work with you. The first step to making these things real is writing them down. Put it in a private journal. Put it on your whiteboard. Make it your desktop background! Make a vision board to inspire and remind you of what’s to come.

Reverse engineer it.

Here’s the hard part: figuring out HOW to get there. Maybe you need more employees in order to serve more clients. Maybe you need to partner with other companies so that you can grow together. Maybe you need to start a habit of blogging regularly, or setting up tools to take stress off of yourself.

Hold yourself accountable.

One of the key factors in succeeding is making sure that your dreams are achievable! They should be big, but they shouldn’t stress you out. Surround yourself with friends, family, and coworkers who will help you reach your dreams AND help you give yourself grace when you feel like you aren’t doing enough. Get a business mentor or join a community like #THEPRDOLLS for advice and support!

Start hustling!

So you’ve got your roadmap. Your mood board. Your community. Everything is in place. All that remains is to take the next step. Business owning isn’t always glamorous, doll! There are late nights, mistakes, and just the daily grind of waking up every morning to a new a to-do list. But trust us: it’s worth it. Remember: baby steps are still steps. And if you need a little champagne to encourage you, go right ahead!

So what business goals are you setting this year, doll? Let us know—we’d love to cheer you on!


The PR Dolls