#WorkIt...From Home!


Traveling for the holidays but staying on that grind? We get it! Here at POSH PR®, we work pretty much everywhere…in the office, from home, on airplanes, at Starbucks!

Working from home can be tough, though. You might have family around, a pantry full of snacks, or dogs to cuddle (we have that at the office, too!). Or, maybe you work for an online or international company, and teleworking is your every day life! In any case, we’ve got some tips for those of us who find that the struggle is real when we don’t have an office to go into.


If you don’t have anywhere to go, it might be tough to separate your “work day” from your home life. Establish a morning routine to tell your body that you’re starting your work day, like taking a walk around the block before sitting down at your desk. You could also try a yoga routine or devotional that signals the start of the day!


It’s so easy to stay in those jammies all day when you know no one will see you. But trust us on this: getting dressed—and doing hair and makeup—will help you stay alert and feel professional. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do great work!


For many of us, this means putting away our cell phones! For those of us who need our cell phones to work (like us!), try deleting personal social media apps or at least putting them in a folder where they are difficult to access. Of course, phones aren’t the only at-home distraction! Find a space in your home where you can close the door to keep the dogs, kids, or munchies out of sight and out of mind! (Obviously—make sure you have someone to take care of those dogs and kids while you’re in your office space!)


If you regularly work from home, invest in a comfortable office chair and desk! It’s hard to focus when you’re on the couch or on a bar stool. You deserve a space that’s functional, and it will help you stay in “office brain!”

What do you do to keep your remote days as productive as your office days? Let us know in the comments, and remember that it’s ok to take time to be with your family over the holiday!


The PR Dolls