Best Business Buys


You’re a total #bossbabe, so chances are you’ve thought about investing more than once in your life. Investing in a luxury handbag to last you through the years, investing in a 401k so that you can be an independent woman when you’re 65, investing in relationships that will have your back through thick and thin.

But what about investing in your business? You’re definitely investing time and energy. But with so many tools and resources out there, how to decide where to turn? We can help with that! These are the tools that will make your business run smoothly and with #maximumefficiency.


First of all, our trusty Instagram planning tool, Planoly. This is literally our lifeline. Sometimes PR calls for working late nights and weekends, but with Planoly, all we have to do is pick our pretty pictures and sit back. Why invest? To auto-post to your Instagram account and to schedule more than 15 images at a time. Work smarter, not harder, sweet doll!


Basecamp is our go-to project management tool to keep all of our clients’ documents and progress organized. This makes it easy to view deadlines, share comments with clients, and save projects. If you’re looking for something a little more robust, we also love Honeybook for tracking proposals and contracts!


Adding employees to your company is huuuuge investment! (Speaking from experience though—so worth it!). How do you even pay an employee? This is a question we had when we were first starting out, but then Gusto came along and essentially became our HR doll!


If Gusto is your own HR doll, Square is your CFO! We used to spend all day manually invoicing clients, but Square automates the process which is a big relief because these dolls are not numbers-oriented!


Both Gusto and Square meet up in one spot: Quickbooks. Our budget, expenses, payroll, and all things financial are organized in Quickbooks, which is a tool developed by Intuit to take a huge load off any business owner’s shoulders!


When it comes to email marketing, we love Mailchimp. With plenty of customizable templates AND the option to create custom HTML layouts, you are sure to find the tools you need to build the perfect email to reach your audience. Plus, their customer service is always on point!


If we didn’t have pretty email signatures, who would we be? The divine is in the details, after all! That’s why we use WiseStamp, to create coordinating email signatures and impress new clients.

All of these apps and tools have made our lives so much easier. And while most of these services offer a free tier, we believe that investing in your business is 100% worth it!


The PR Dolls