What a Mood

Have you ever heard us say “the image is the hook?” 

Have you ever looked on Pinterest and been totally overwhelmed by how many images hook you but are completely different? Which hook is the right hook?

That’s why finding your #MOOD is so important to building your brand! Your brand is not just a fancy marketing word. Your brand is an energy, a feeling, a lifestyle! Think about Anthropologie…do people shop there because they want to get in and out? No, they shop there because Anthropologie is selling a lifestyle where a girl can imagine her dream self!

When we start brainstorming for a new client, we will never get far without a mood board. We find pictures, quotes, and textures that bring a vision to life. The vibe you are creating is what will connect you to your ideal clients! If you put together a mood board with champagne, pink, and glitter, and go back to that for everything you do, you will attract fun and sweet women who are after a luxury lifestyle. We would know…because that’s exactly what we did!

Your mood board is not something forward-facing. It’s something you and your team can look at time and time again to remember what vibe is driving your brand. Why do you do what you do? Check your mood board!


Take this mood board for a homebuilding client of ours, Tailored Homes, for example. The open door gives you a sense of excitement: when you are building a custom home, you are going on an adventure! You are being welcomed into the journey. The woman putting up frames reminds you that a house should be a home; that as a homebuilder you should create spaces for other people to really own. The other two images are beautiful homes that remind you of the end result for what you’re doing.


We made this mood board for a fine art sculptor and interior design team, Barton Sculptures. The first image is an actual sculpture that they created, because their art is the center of what they do. The gorgeous pink dress on the runway evokes the glamorous vibe that links custom fine art with high society, and the two interiors showcase the luxury interior design that drives the team. PS—we also built websites for both Tailored Homes and Barton Sculptures!


This final mood board is for a makeup review vlogger, Shari. You can tell immediately that she’s edgy and funky. The quote shows you her confidence and passion, while the leather leggings show you what type of girl she is.

When you look at your mood board, you should have #allthefeels. What kind of lifestyle are you promoting? Who is your customer? Who are you? A mood board is worth a thousand words, doll!

PS: We created all of the above mood boards and we’d love to make one for you, too! Just ask, pretty!


The PR Dolls