The Divine is in the Details


Branding is one of our favorite things to do at POSH PR®. When we get a new client, we create a whole package with fonts, colors, textures, mood images, and an ideal client profile. Not to mention social media starter kits, media kits, and logo design! It’s so much fun to see a brand-new business launch from a vision into a full-fledged company.

That’s the big picture! The road to luxury is paved with tiny, thoughtfully curated details. What makes my dolls feel like dolls? It’s not just the title, it’s the matching gold MacBooks with pink cases, the fresh flowers on their desks, and the pink pens tucked into white and gold notebooks. What makes our clients feel loved and cherished? Popping champagne with them when they celebrate wins, but also, running to Hobby Lobby to put their brand guide in an envelope that matches their colors! No detail goes unnoticed at POSH PR®.

After all, how can we believe in a curated Instagram feed if we can’t even curate our office? Or our client experience? That’s why we don’t believe the devil is in the details—the DIVINE is!

When you’re putting together a client experience (or even your employee experience), you may overlook every day objects because they’re just so…every day! But what if the stapler was in your brand color? What if the bathroom mirror had your company mission written on it? What if everyone got a custom letterpress journal for meeting notes? These every day items don’t have to be plain! Let your brand shine through in every little detail. That’s what makes your brand strong and memorable. And it boosts the sense of belonging for your employees, too!

This is especially important in event planning! Every doll knows that a wedding wouldn’t be complete without the flowers, candles, custom cocktails, linens…pretty much every detail matters (especially for those gorgeous photos)! Put the attention you’d give a wedding into every event and you are sure to wow clients.

Need a hand sourcing pretty little things? That’s what we’re here for, sweet doll!


The PR Dolls

Caroline KalentzosComment