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How to Know When It's Time to Update A Contract

As a boutique branding + PR agency, we're always focused on serving our clients to the best of our abilities. We want the work we do for them to be absolutely fitting to their brand, and to bring them the most success possible. Therefore, we're always consciously considering our contracts to make sure they're just right for each and every client we work with. 

When a client decides to negotiate their contract, we're always open to ideas and ready for change! We want all of our clients to be happy, Dolls, but we understand that sometimes that come at a cost. We know the ups and down of all types of experiences with clients, but we've shared more than a few negative situations that have changed our business strategy. A tough conversation is something we can easily work through, but it usually causes us to consider our business as a whole. 

It's usually in this moment when we decide it's time to update our contracts. 


Consider this scenario:

You're working on a project for a client, reworking a logo or creating a website. Taking the time to perfect their social media for them. You've sent over more than one edit of your original designs, and the client is still asking for changes. You happily oblige, but before you know it, it's been months of work on this project and you see no end in sight. You've provided more than an estimated amount of edits and changes to them, and they're still not satisfied and are asking for more (and most likely, without providing more money in exchange).

Not only that, but now your client decides that your hard work isn't worth the value you've proposed from the beginning in their contract or invoice. It's definitely defeating, dolls. We completely get it! We know the hardships of trying to give the client exactly what they want, but not being able to deliver it based off their limitations (or yours). So, what's a doll to do?

With every business, trial and error is the modern practice for updating and changing business strategies and current contracts. Providing services to your client is always the goal, but you also want to value your time, money, and effort and make sure that you're not being taken advantage of by a difficult client. 


Remember Your Goal

The important thing to do is remember your end goal. If, ultimately, you're fine with providing more work without additional pay, just to get the customer completely happy, then your goal should be to keep giving them your absolute best each and every time! If you're more concerned that the continuous edits and feedback you're receiving is now drawing your budget and time much thinner, than it may be time to have a talk with the client. We love being firm, but kind in all of our client communication, dolls, even in tough conversations!

We know the struggles of keeping a small business afloat, and want to be able to help every client who comes through our pink doors! However, if we decide after much back and forth and continuous conversation that we're not getting anywhere, we sometimes have to make the tough call and let the client know that we may not be the best fit! It's the worst decision we can make in our business, but we want absolutely every client we work with to be successful (even if it's not with us)!

There's no rulebook to ensuring you're choosing awesome clients to work with, or to creating the perfect contract that will fit every situation out there. No matter what, though, you can guarantee that you'll be successful if you stay true to yourself and stay focused on your goals!

Xo #thePRdolls