Let's Make a Deal

What to Do When Your Client Wants to Negotiate

It's no secret, dolls, that we love the opportunity to create beautiful brands for our clients. (You might even say it's our favorite thing to do!) Yet, sometimes we work with a client or two who would like to change their pricing, or the details of the work outlined in their contract. So, what do you do when a client negotiates? 

When you run your own business, it can be hard to navigate the right path for a conversation over pricing, especially when you want to honor what you think your worth! Below, we've got some great tips for dealing with a client who wants to negotiate.

First, Things First: Say Yes!


I know what you're thinking, dolls. Say yes? The best thing you can do to begin this negotiation is to say yes to your client. So, what does that entail? Express your understanding of their viewpoint, listen to their concerns, and tell them, "Yes, I hear you." Starting off your response by giving your client a small yes is the best way to move the conversation forward (and in the direction you'd like)!

Consider Your Worth:

This is where it gets hard, dolls. We know that dreaded feeling of having a client question your pricing. It makes you question your worth and the value of your work. Should you lower it? Should you offer less work in return? The short answer? Do what feels right. The work you provide and the price you suggest will depend on you and your client. Ultimately, you'll determine what to charge based on the time and effort you give to each project. If you think the client is asking for too low of a price based on the work you'll put in, then it could be time to stick to your guns. However, if you feel that your work can be offered to this client for a lower price, then it's up to you to work within that range. Sometimes in place of the lower price, you can ask for a trade of services from them! (We've done this, too, dolls!) 

Consider All of Your Clients:

This one's a tough one, dolls. You want to be fair to your clients, but we want to warn you of the long-lasting effects of negotiating. Don't forget that what can be done for one may need to be done for all. You don't want to lower your price only to have another client come forward and ask you to honor that price, again. This is definitely harmful when you don't necessarily think this second client should have their contract changed, and when you're trying to meet your business goals. Don't get us wrong, dolls. We always want you to do what's right for you and your clients, but don't forget to do what's best for your brand in the long run! 

Negative Comments:

We know the effects of negative comments, too, dolls. Making sure you're happy with your pricing and your client is happy with your work is a hard line to balance. You may have to have a tough conversation with your client, and speak honestly with them about how you'll need to keep the pricing or work as it is. Reminding them that you're in this together is the best way to move the conversation forward and towards the goal you'd like to meet!

We know it's difficult knowing what's the right thing to do when that email comes in and asks you to make a deal. We love helping our fashion, beauty, and lifestyle clients be as successful as they can be, but we know the risk that comes with changing your pricing (and sometimes, not changing it). No matter what you decide to do, it's important to consider your overall goal and take the path that will take you there!


The PR Dolls