Business Boundaries 101

How to Deal With Clients Who Want to Work After Business Hours

Maybe you’re like us, dolls, and you don’t turn your “work brain” off when you head home at 5:00. You still respond to late night texts, and you’re checking emails for endless hours of the night. 

We get it! It can be super hard, especially as your own business owner, to shut completely down at the end of the day. You’re always thinking about the future, your goals, and the tasks that will get you there. So, how do you get the after hours work to stop?


We’ve all seen the scary things that text in the night, and dealt with clients who don’t follow business hours! When we hear that inevitable ding of a new text or email, we have a few rules we follow!

Stick to it!

We know it may be hard, but tell yourself that every day at 5:00pm you will stop working. Turn your notifications off, shut the computer down, and walk away. (We're no strangers to emergencies, dolls, but remember that not everything is an emergency! What can wait until the morning, should absolutely wait until the morning!)

Set the Rules

Setting strict business hours for yourself will also set a standard for your clients. It can be extremely difficult to tell your clients that you won't be reachable at all hours of the day, but the last thing you want is a midnight text about business strategies. Keep your 5:00 rule for your clients, too, when it comes to texts, calls, and emails. You'll thank yourself later!

Be Firm, Dolls!

Still have a client who just isn't getting it? Tell them kindly and firmly that you will connect with them during business hours. Respond to their text message one last time to let them know that you will address their text in the morning (and via email)! When they email outside of business hours, don't respond until the next morning. In your email, reiterate that you'll only respond to communication during your normal business hours, and say it with a smile, dolls! 

We know the temptation to respond to every text and email as they come in, but don't give in! You'll be able to serve your clients better after some much needed rest and a fresh mind!

Xo, The PR Dolls