Let Me Upgrade Ya: How to Know When It's Time to Elevate Your Brand

So, you've been running your business for a while now. You've created your social media strategies and you're employing all your best marketing tools, but you haven't noticed the right amount of traction you've been hoping for. You’ve been thinking it may be time to elevate your brand, but how can you know for sure?

Below, we've created a checklist for you to complete to know if you're on your way to a new brand refresh!


You aren't attracting your ideal client:

If you're noticing less engagement from your ideal customers, it could be because your brand isn't designed to attract them. You may need to rethink your marketing strategies by first revisiting your brand. Do your colors emulate the impression you want your clients to feel? (We love pink and the energy it emulates!) Do your images show your products or services in an appealing way? (We create elevated content to attract our audience!) These are all things you can consider in a brand refresh that could help refocus your attention on your clients!

You want to be featured:

If your current marketing strategies aren't bringing in the attention or sales you're hoping for, it could be time to consider a professional feature. Step one, however, should be making sure that your brand is just right before your feature directs potential readers or viewers to your website or social media accounts. These pages are physical representations of you and your company, so it's important you put your best dress on before you step into the light!

You need a brand ambassador:

If you're experiencing issues with negative comments or feedback, or maybe you're trying to prepare for those future instances, a PR agency acts as your knight in shining armor. You can use them as the frontline of your brand, ready to step in and fight for you. They can put you where you need to be in the media, and they can certainly step in when someone or something attempts to injure you and your company. At POSH PR®, we also use Instagram Influencers to do this for you! They'll promote your brand or products for you, so you're getting the bigger audience you've been looking for. 

You need a helping hand:

It's totally okay, dolls, to realize you need some assistance taking your brand to the next level. We're here to help! We love helping our clients realize their dreams, and create the business they've always wanted to run. We'll help connect you with your ideal clients, and love elevating a brand from the ground up!

While we specialize in strategies for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, we also love working with creative entrepreneurs and bloggers, too! Click here to connect with us today, and let us become your Business BFF!


The PR Dolls