Look Ma! I'm on TV!

How to know if TV or Print is better for your business!

photo via @youbeauty

photo via @youbeauty

We love helping our clients get on the map. You want your business to be successful, and it's our favorite pastime working on ways to make that happen. 

We're often asked what we think is the best way to get our clients' businesses more exposure. Paid features, Instagram Influencers, and media kits are all great options, but how do you know what the best option is for you between television or printed publications?


Television is much faster than print, and is available 24/7. It can always be reached (worldwide, too), but local stations can have a specific demographic reach. A small business reaches thousands or even millions of potential customers whenever your ad is played. Depending on the details of the campaign, it can also be a less expensive option to choose over print. Deciding on the right time and way to advertise your business is the key to a successful campaign that will reach the most people and give you the most potential customers. 


Print advertising has a specific demographic reach, and caters only to those customers who buy the magazine or newspaper. The length a publication runs can also limit the amount of times your advertisement or feature is seen to the number of times that publication is produced. However, magazines contain features, interviews, research, and analysis with emphasis on a particular topic. It may be better to have a half or full page ad that's solely about your business that can be seen in more detail. A magazine's specific following can also provide its own benefits. They won't find potential customers outside of its normal demographic, so your ad can be reviewed and seen again and again by your ideal client whenever they liked.

At POSH PR®, we believe a good campaign should include both print and digital media. Your reach will be wider and longer living with more options for publication and advertising. When possible, it's always great to utilize both media options to expand your market to more potential clients. However, when trying to choose which one is best for you, it's best to decide what media will more likely appeal to your ideal client. If you know you have more customers in a local area, then a local news station, newspaper, or magazine may be best for your business. If your business wants to reach clients worldwide, television is your best bet. In today's world of instant media and massive sharing capabilities, your ad can be viewed by people all over the nation and the world. 

Still not sure what media is best for you? Contact us today to get started on the perfect publication for you!