Beauty Brand Launch 101

you don’t need nasa for this launch!

So you're launching a beauty brand, but not sure where to start. It can be daunting knowing where to begin and how to make yourself stand out from the masses. At POSH PR®, we work everyday to not only create a beautiful brand, but to make it unique to your passions! Below are our 5 Rules to a Successful Beauty Launch!

1. Make Sure Your Creative Idea is Legal

You can't go anywhere with a name that you love if it's not available. Did you know there's a place to search for trademarks? That's your first task! Even when our clients already have an established brand identity, we sit down with them, finalize their concepts, and search for trademarks!


2. Build Your Brand Around the Things That Fire You Up

What do you love most? Are you passionate about cruelty-free products, pink and girly things, something beneficial to specific skin conditions, or maybe products that are beneficial to the environment? This is your "Why Behind the Brand!" All those things that make you feel excited or interested, and remind you of a kid on Christmas morning, waiting to open up all your presents and find out what's inside - those are the things to focus your brand on! Your passion will drive your hard work, and ensures that you love what your working on. Not sure how to narrow down those few favorite things? Click here to learn more about how we create your Brand Identity!


3. Set a Launch Date

So many of our potential clients have a general idea of when they'd like to begin working, but aren't sure of when they can actually see their work come to life. Do yourself a favor: set a launch date, and stick to it. The best thing you can do is determine when you want to see your hard work go live. From there, you can reverse engineer the things you'll need to do to get to that point. Of course, there may be obstacles that come up along the way, but holding yourself accountable will actually make it easier to stay on track. After all, you're the only person between you and the successful launch of your beauty brand!


4. Hire A Good PR Team


"Insert Shameless Plug Here." (Just kidding!) In all seriousness, though, you can be the best brand in the world, but if no one knows about it, then your work isn't done. Think of PR as building your brand's authority. Without the proper channels promoting you, there's no one to back you up when you launch your brand. Consider the media publications you love. (Our dolls love PopSugar!) If we see PopSugar is talking about a beauty brand and how amazing it is, we're more likely to trust that brand because our favorite source is talking about it. A proper PR team will help you gain authority in your favorite publications, and make you the expert on your topic!

5. Believe You Can

Building a brand is never easy. You'll need help along the way from other creative entrepreneurs, and will most likely have to spend more time finding creative solutions to achieve your dreams. (Our #ThePRDolls Facebook group is a great place to start!) Believing it's possible, however, is just one more thing you can do to ensure your success. Doubting yourself is easy, dolls, but have you considered what could happen if you believed you could actually do it? The possibilities are endless!

We love helping our clients create their Brand Identity, and launching a successful product is the just the beginning to a job well done! Let us know how we can support you along the way!


The PR Dolls