Blogging For Business 101


We love helping create our clients’ dream businesses, and are frequently asked about the benefits of blogging for their company. It's a question we've heard before: "How will blogging help me connect with my ideal client?" 

Our answer? Blogging connects you in ways you don't even realize. 

You may be thinking, "I'm not a blogger, so what would I blog about?" Blogging for business is not the same as being a blogger. There's this big disconnect in the idea of blogging and it's found in every industry. Most professionals and business owners believe they have to be a blogger to blog for themselves. However, when you have a business, you need a blog to help sell you and your company’s services or products. Blogging acts as a form of education for your potential clients, and makes you the expert on your brand. 

As a boutique PR agency, we blog very frequently. (Not because we're bloggers, per se, even though we do have professional writers on staff). Our goal with blogging is to teach, to educate, and to be seen as the expert. We encourage our followers to read our blogs to learn something new. They can then determine if they're able to achieve their goals on their own, or perhaps learn that they need some assistance to accomplish them and should hire a PR agency. 

Blogging is amazing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a perfect vehicle to create organic SEO for your business. It's essentially a free form of advertising! (Yes, you may need to pay your copywriter or your PR team to write the blogs, but this is a great tool for connecting you with your ideal client without buying ad space!) Google optimizes its search results by analyzing pages that are over 250 words, so embedding your blogs with your personal SEO terms will help you be found much quicker and by more people! For example, we use key words like boutique PR agency, fashion and lifestyle brand, and public relations in each of our blogs so it's easier for our ideal clients searching these terms to find us! Google then pulls those key words in your search and shows you results of websites and blogs that use them most frequently!

So, how can you guarantee your blogs are just right, dolls? Follow this checklist:

Hyperlinking is so important when it comes to blogging!

Hyperlinking is so important when it comes to blogging!

  • My blog has at least 250 words!

  • I've added my hyperlinks! (You can link other education in your blogs to help your ideal client learn more about you or your industry.)

  • I've added my SEO terms!

  • I've added SEO to my images! (This is just as important as the words in your blog. Google pulls those key words on your images in their search results, too!)

  • I'm blogging at least twice a week! (Frequency is huge. Google ranks websites higher that are updated more frequently. Therefore, the more you blog, the higher your ranking in a search engine! We blog twice a week so our ideal client can find us more easily!)

  • My content is on brand! (While frequency is important, good content is key to your brand! Make sure you're not posting just for the sake of posting. You want your blogs to be quality content that makes sense for your brand and your ideal client!)

    Blogging is perfect for the unnatural salesperson. When your client reaches out to you and says they're interested in hiring you, you can respond back with your suggested time to chat, and include one of your blogs to help them learn more about you! A simple "Click here" with an attached link can show them what it's like to work with you and help tell your brand's story! Most people who reach out to us have already decided they'd like to work with our company. Blogging is a great selling tool that helps your client sign the contract even faster!

    The benefits of blogging are enormous, and we always encourage start-up businesses and clients that would like to refresh their brand to start blogging. It's a perfect advertising tool that works for you with guaranteed results! 

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