How The Inspire Design Workshop Inspired Me


Growing up, I used to hate public speaking. Hard to believe, right? Now, it’s so natural to me to not only speak in front of people, but to do it completely unprepared sometimes, that it’s essentially second-nature. My mom has always asked me how I am able to do it. It's simple: Talk about things that you’re passionate about. I don’t feel nervous anymore talking in front of entrepreneurs because we’re all in the same boat. The truth is we all have a lot to learn from each other. Just because I’m on stage doesn’t mean I’m smarter than you; it just means God has given me a gift to help others in this moment!

Empowering women is our mission at POSH PR®, and public speaking is a perfect way to do that. After all, we believe in elevating her brand so she can live the life she’s always dreamed of!

@inspire_designworkshop is an individualized and personalized conference for everyone who attends. Although I’m usually a zombie walking back to my room, it’s always worth it. Being able to work with these women and not only teach what I know, but have the chance to learn from others, is such an amazing opportunity I could never pass up. 


Lulu Alexander is nothing short of a class act. Having her invite me to Italy and New Orleans to speak (on more than one occasion) is such an honor. She believes I have the knowledge to help other people, and I'm always so humbled to be invited to speak.

So what can you expect from me at these occasions? My presentation is a crash course on PR, Sales, Marketing, how to be your own publicist, and everywhere in between! Yes, I look at my notes and everyone gets a personal binder that I hand out, (not to mention some Champagne, of course), but I talk more from the heart. I always let everyone know at the beginning that I’m a "Stage Walker." I don’t like a podium because I feel cut off, so it's very important to me to be able to see each and every person in the room and connect with them on a personal level. That's where the real work begins!

In this short time that I have with everyone, one attendee in particular during her mentor session asked for help on her brand. We researched her trademark, created her company name, changed her Instagram handle, bought the URL to her website, completely revamped her Brand Identity, and that's just the beginning! Gracie from Santa Barbara was able to bring her vision to life, and now @boho_chic_dreams is a reality!

Another amazing moment of my time in New Orleans? Two attendees were working together on behalf of their one brand, and I could tell they didn’t love it. They weren’t fired up by it, so I pushed my computer aside, sat with them, and said “Tell me about you as an individual." From that little piece of advice to speak from the heart, I was able to create a whole new concept for them. We emailed their trademark attorney and bought the URL to their site, pushing them one step closer to their new brand!

Ultimately, these little sessions are why I will never turn down an opportunity to speak at this workshop. It always feels so rewarding to be on the ground helping such incredible women! At the end of the day, we’re not reinventing the wheel; I'm just asking the right questions to get the right answers for them to go and be successful.

My biggest passion is helping women become confident in their brand and successfully create something they love doing. Being able to travel and help women all over the world achieve their dreams is something I'll forever be grateful for!

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