The Perfect Press Page

So you’re ready to write a press release but not sure where to begin...


You're probably ready to launch a new product, open a new office, or promote an event. A press release is a perfect tool to provide your customers with updates on your company, whether you’ve received an award or certification, or have decided to rebrand! (Thinking about rebranding yourself? Talk to us about a Brand Identity Refresh today!)

Press releases should be one page long, short and succinct, with just the right amount of sweetness to appeal to any media contact you send it to. (They should never be longer than two pages!) They should include the most important facts about your company, and appeal to everyone on your potential email list.

So what should that press release include to make sure it’s definitely picked up by your favorite publication? Below, we've created a list of things the Perfect Press Release needs!

An Irresistible and Powerful, Attention-grabbing Headline:

Your headline should be direct, understandable, and specific to your market. Don't forget to make it SEO optimized, and it should always be written in an active voice.

Get to the point in the first paragraph:

Your opening statement should go straight into the details of what is happening, who is involved, and why it matters. Don't forget the when and where of your event, if applicable!

Background Information:

Don't forget the reason you're sending your press release. It should provide a company overview of your brand or product, how you started your business, and why everyone needs to know about it.

Quotations and Reviews:

If you have any exceptional quotes or reviews, you should add this context to your press release to help shape the narrative. These provide a more personal perspective of your brand or product.

Noteworthy Media Mentions:

You should include relevant links and any mixed media of your previous promotions and sponsorships. Headlines accompanied by an image or brief explanation of the announcement help your contact know more about you, and show you off as the expert!

Press Release Proofread:

  • Proofread, and proofread again! (Have others check your work before you hit the send button!) 

  • Make sure there is no use of "I", "My," or "You." Your pronouns should be vague and never first person. Instead, use your "Newscaster" voice! Recall how your local news reporters speak on the issues of the day. This is the voice you should adopt; state the facts without too much personality! 

  • Reach out to Specific People:

    • Be careful here and don’t email blast every publication. You need to specialize your reach to your industry, and personalize each email. Call them out by name, and reference something they’ve written before (when possible). For example: “I loved your article about ___. It inspired me to reach out to you about my product.” 

  • Give Reporters Adequate Time:

    • You should always allow a minimum of 24 hours in advance. (If you're worried about it being promoted too early, you can always specify a date of release to your contact!)

  • Never attach a PDF Press Release in an Email:

    • Always hyperlink your PDF or other attachments! (We stay on brand by making our hyperlink pink!)

  • At the bottom of your page, add your Media Contact information! (It's truly the most important part! Make sure your contact can contact you with any questions or inquiries!)

Congrats! You've secured your press release and your favorite publication has shared your product! Now what? Share Your Own Press! You can retweet, share on your own Instagram and Facebook accounts, and promote the feature you've successfully claimed! Share it wherever you can - these all create more buzz for your brand!

We love creating the Perfect Press Release for our clients! It’s always fun to complete the research and write the copy that will fit in their specific industry, and really promote the reach of their brand. Interested in having us write one for you? Click here to learn more!


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