The Power of the Press


Still not convinced about the power of PR? Press features are actually a huge way to grow your brand—internally and externally!


Have you ever researched a company only to get…zero search results? Now imagine Googling a company and seeing not just their own website in the results, but articles from other trusted sources singing their praises? You may not have actively noticed before, but having plenty of press lends so much credibility to your brand! Think about it. You would want to know customer reviews about a makeup or household product before purchasing. You might look up bloggers who have tried it or ask your friends if they’ve bought it before. The same is true when it comes to your company. If trusted news sources have readily available positive reviews of your brand, you will seem that much more credible when a potential client makes a decision about reaching out to you.


Interviewing with a journalist or other blogger is the perfect opportunity for you to fine-tune your brand and brand story. You’ve heard that you should always take an interview even if you don’t want the job, because practice makes perfect. The same is true with press! It’s never bad to practice pitching your company and speaking from the heart about why your brand is unique.


The obvious one: a press feature means that more people are reading or hearing about your company! Magazines, blogs, and TV segments have the power to reach audiences that you aren’t organically reaching. These outlets have already done the work of marketing themselves, and you get to hop right in and share that benefit! Not to mention, just the act of speaking with others about your company means growing your network and forging new connections—something every business owner should often do!

Think you’re ready for professional PR? Let us be your Business BFF! As a boutique PR agency, we would love to connect you with influencers and media outlets that can help boost your brand and tell your story! We focus on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands, but are passionate about finding the right network for any woman looking to elevate her small business!


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