The Fearless Entrepreneurship Podcast

From Medical Sales to POSH PR® Doll

Last week our CEO + Head Doll Caroline was featured on Cory Mosley’s podcast, the Fearless Entrepreneurship. Now, we are constantly inspired by Caroline and her business savvy mind, but there was something extremely special about this podcast in particular! The two sat down to chat about the importance of trusting in your brand, creating a brand, and being authentically you.

POSH PR®-public relations boutqiue .jpeg

Caroline always says that POSH PR® was built with love, for clients she loves, with dolls she loves and that is the absolute truth. We love what we do so much and are so lucky to be a part of a company that believes that being authentically you is the best thing you can be. During the podcast Cory and Caroline discussed what fuels them and for Caroline it was simple. 

She took her talents of selling and marketing and married it with her passion for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands and POSH PR® was born. The biggest thing that pushed Caroline forward though was being told repeatedly that she couldn’t be successful. She was told that if she wore tulle skirts and pink lipstick that she would never make it, and for a little while she conformed to how people thought she should run the business and how she should build her brand. Can you imagine POSH PR® minus the pink? Because we don’t even want to think about it! 

When you stay true to yourself you have no competition. No one can serve your clients the same way you do! The second you decide to be yourself in business is when you truly become happy with your career, the clients you attract, and the brand you’ve built. 

Want to hear the rest of the podcast? Click here to listen to the full clip and to find out what Caroline’s craziest entrepreneurship story is — we promise that this is a story you’ll want to hear! 


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