New Brand Identity Download!


Hey Doll!

We have SUCH exciting news for you! Our Brand Identity Download is revamped and ready for you!

What exactly are we talking about? Well, we love elevating other small businesses. We love our doll dates and we love advocating for clients by pitching, designing, and building everything they need to succeed. But we recognize that we can’t always be in person with all people, that some people want to go at their own pace, and that some people just like to see all the things in writing!

We want to be Business BFFs even with the doll who lives halfway across the world, or the doll who doesn’t know exactly what professional services she needs but wants an overview of how to launch a brand.

That’s why we created this Brand Identity Guide! You may have seen it before, but we have updated it to be even more comprehensive and user-friendly. This is a digital download for you to print out and write all over. It includes explanations of every step you need to build a brand that is authentic to you, with breakdowns of important terms and worksheets to help you brainstorm! Even though we are a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle-focused PR agency, this guide is useful for any style of any brand. If you’re stuck on what your logo should look like, what your key messaging should be, or even having trouble getting to the core of your values, this is for you!

Doll, this is basically a DIY version of our services! We want to offer an affordable way for every doll to start building her champagne life.

You have the vision. We have the details. Let’s put our heads together and build something beautiful! Start here!


The PR Dolls