Are You Ready for Professional PR?


By now you’re familiar with what exactly PR is. You might already be implementing strategies like email marketing, hashtags, or regular blogging to get your content in front of the right people. Are you ready to hire a professional PR agency to elevate your brand and bring your content to the next level? There are five ways to know if you’re at that stage!

1. You’re launching a NEW business.

What better time to start professional PR than right out the gate? A PR agency can guide you through the launch process and help your brand make its debut into the world. At POSH PR®, we offer customizable services tailored specific towards new business launches. With most agencies, you can customize the length of time you’d like to work with them. We have some clients that are under contract all year long and others that only need us for the three months leading up to their launch. We can assist with digital representation, branding and positioning, editorial and media outreach, and even help you throw a fabulous launch party!

2. You want to refresh your brand and reposition your messaging

So many businesses suffer because they fail to diversify their products and services to cater to their ideal client. You might be realizing that you need to reposition your brand to tell a new story or attract a new client, but you aren’t sure how to pivot! A PR agency can support you in this transition by strategizing on messaging, pitches, website + social media revamping, and more. One of our favorite services is producing editorial photo shoots to tell the story of a brand. If you need to evolve your brand in order to increase sales, you probably need a professional PR agency!

3. You want your brand featured in the media

Are you looking for promotion on TV and/or other media outlets? A PR agency can assist with all of your media buying and monitor your advertising analytics to ensure maximum exposure. They should have the connections (and skills!) to negotiate advertising rates and possibly even FREE media exposure! Not to mention, a PR agency can strategize on how to tell your brand story according to the platform. At POSH PR®, we especially focus on ensuring that our clients are TV-ready with talking points, beauty and wardrobe consulting, and set styling.

4. You’re looking for a brand ambassador + influencer

A PR agency acts as a cool, calm, and collected brand ambassador. With a wealth of experience in business owning, your PR people will be able to put out fires before you even feel the heat. Whether you’d like to be the face of your brand or are looking for someone to represent you in public appearances, an agency can get you the hook-up. We love to love on our POSH PR® clients by representing them well on our own TV show, the Lifestyle & Fashion Guide with The Caroline Doll. We also love to find appropriate influencers who can partner with your brand and reach bigger audiences.

5. You are looking to make strategic business contacts

A PR agency’s job is to know everyone. An agency comes with a big list of “go-tos,” or contacts for business needs you may not have even know you had. Venues, photographers, caterers, stylists, conferences, you name it! Save time on networking by tapping into the already wide network of a PR agency!

The second you decide to hire a PR agency, your business has a new best friend, publicist, and strategist. Do any of the above reasons resonate with you and your company? If so, give us a call!!


The PR Dolls