The Power of PR


People are often curious about just what we do here at POSH PR®. Are we a marketing agency? A design firm? What does PR even mean?

While the truth is that we will readily learn any skill a client needs us to learn, we are a PR, or Public Relations, agency at heart. PR gives you the power to decide how audiences perceive you. PR puts you in front of a vast audience and lets you tell them exactly how to think about your brand.

Marketing is the strategy that drives PR. Planning your content calendar, directing a photoshoot of your product, and writing great copy for your website all fall under the “marketing” umbrella.

You need both to be effective! If your marketing and PR are both strategic and authentic, a loyal and enthusiastic client base will be right at your door.


When our CEO + Head Doll, Caroline, began the branding process here at POSH PR®, she put a lot of energy into trying to not be too pink, too girly, or too fashion-forward. In other words, she was trying to be someone else! 

You can imagine what this led to… a client base that was totally disconnected from the heart and soul of POSH PR®. We always say that when you are true to yourself, you’ll have no competition. You know what else? Being true to yourself allows you to fearlessly and fabulously represent your brand.

Now, clients love us for our all-pink office, the pretty mail we send, and the champagne-soaked parties we throw when we celebrate their businesses wins. So what happened in between?



Caroline needed to revamp her PR strategy in order to connect with her true target audience. The first (and maybe the most fun!) step is to create icons that will do the heavy lifting of constantly reminding your clients of you. These icons are objects or images that represent the heart of your brand. Use them on your website, social media, and personal life!

You can probably already guess the top three icons for POSH PR®: tulle skirts, pink, and champagne! Whenever someone sees these fairly everyday objects, they think of us. What could be more powerful than that?

When you’re launching a brand, ask yourself what top three icons people should visualize when they think of your brand—or vice versa! What top three things should trigger a reminder of you?

Regularly ask yourself how you are communicating these icons with your target audience.


Another of our favorite phrases at POSH PR® is “community over competition.” You shouldn’t distance yourself from likeminded brands, you should cozy up to them! After all, you already share values and good vibes. There is enough business to go around, doll!

Find ways to position yourself with these other brands. Team up for conferences or pop-up shops! Engage with each other on social media! Positivity is contagious, and if you can pump up likeminded brands, their followers will get excited to pump you up, too.

One way to get started is to have a photoshoot with photographers, venues, or other products that are in your sphere. This is also a great way to start a list of go-tos, aka the sisters you turn to when your business is in a pinch!



Some people are natural salespeople. Some people totally aren’t, and that’s ok! Pitching is actually so much easier than you think!

Make a list of the places you want your work to be shared. This might include blogs, podcasts, or magazines that are already targeting your ideal client. You might want to start with local publications, but don’t be afraid to dream big! You are already pouring your heart into your brand. Others are sure to see that!

Next step, sending your work to them and watching your client base grow!


Your target audience should view you as a resource for inspiration. They are likely following you because they like the vibes you are putting out. Couple “mood” images with strategic communication about your products and services. Use hashtags and share the credit—tag your location and all of the stylists and creatives involved in your content.

Don’t forget to engage with your followers! Help them feel seen by liking and responding to their comments. After all, they are the reason you do what you do. Express your appreciation for their support!

While your social media should 100% always be pretty, don’t forget your call to action. And email us if you need help writing one. 😉


Remember, YOU are in control of your brand and what audiences see. Be wise and strategic, but most importantly be true to yourself. One last tip? Start now!


The PR Dolls