Posh Gifts for PR Dolls

We always say that POSH PR® is a company built on love. We truly LOVE our clients! Not only do we do everything we can to make sure that every day is a success for them, but we also just LIKE sending them pretty mail and sweet reminders that we are always rooting for them.

We call this the Client Experience! Once a month, we send a pretty little gift in the mail. Social media shoutouts are nice, but receiving mail that isn’t bills or catalogues is unmatched!

You’ve heard us talk about maintaining a strong brand in everything we do. Whether you’d like to start sending your clients regular gifts (realtors have a word for this: pop-bys!) or if you’re just brainstorming the perfect holiday treat to send to everyone in your corner, make sure it has YOU written all over it! After all, this isn’t a personal present, it’s something from your brand. Your clients came to you because they already like your vibe and aesthetic, so they will love to have something that goes along with that.

There are so many fun online retailers that can customize cute little gifts for you and your clients, and there’s always the option of at least creating custom packaging or a personalized card!


For example, we love anything by Thimble Press, especially their confetti poppers. This (or a confetti filled balloon!) is just a fun way to say “we’re celebrating you!”

Something as simple as an on-brand pencil (these say I Want Everything in Pink, Pink is My Happy Color, and Pretty in Pink. Love!!) packaged with glitter and a branded card can go a long way.

For a really lasting impression, make your gift something useful! Your clients aren’t looking for something to just put on their desk. Give them something they can use over and over, or put out for an event, like these branded cocktail napkins. Bonus points because more people are getting face time with your brand!!


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