Women In Business

As POSH PR® grows from solely luxury event planning and closes the chapter on wedding planning as a service (unless your wedding is so fashion-infused that we couldn’t resist to help plan it!), we wanted to take the chance to re-visit our mission. What is it, exactly, that keeps #THEPRDOLLS coming in to work every day?!



It’s interesting, Dolls. We have mentioned before that none of #THEPRDOLLS ended up at POSH PR® in a conventional way. Some may call it serendipitous, but we think there is a bit of divine intervention at work, here. We believe every single woman possesses a unique skill set and that when she is equipped with the right tools, and surrounded by other women doing what they love — she will be well on her way to living a life she can’t wait to wake up and create every single day!

It is so exciting to see our list of clientele grow. The range of clients we get to cross paths with is so eye-opening! When a woman who works her 9-5 corporate job comes to us with a dream of launching her own lipstick line, our hearts begin to pound. Yes, Doll! Let’s plant that seed and help it grow! Let’s network with some of our big name brands like executives from Tiffany & Co. and Saks Fifth Avenue and inspire one another!

What makes us most excited about the growth of this fashion, beauty and lifestyle PR agency is that means there is a growth of women taking control of their careers. There is a growth of women inspiring other women to do the same. 

We are SO honored to be a part of this generation and this change and hope to contribute to it as much as we can. Your vision is possible. Your mission is possible. Let’s start with that idea of yours, Doll. Click here!