Getting Your Go-Tos

Collaboration is such an important part of success in any field! At POSH PR®, we have a small team running social media, conducting photoshoots, speaking at conferences, hosting events, and even shooting for tv. That means we need outside help!

It can be tempting to want to have control over all aspects of your business. What if the photographer sends back images you don’t like? Better to just take them with your phone and do it yourself, right?

Dolls, that’s why you’ve got to find your “tribe.” That means finding professionals with your style and aesthetic who can cover the bases you can’t—and who are a joy to work with! When you find a photographer you love, you will never want to give her up!

Finding your “go-tos” (caterers? stylists? IT girl?) can bring such a wealth of success to your business! Like any relationship, the more you work together, the easier communication and collaboration will be! Your girls will learn to provide you with exactly what you want and need and you’ll learn how to work on cross-discipline projects. You’ll have someone you can depend on to turn projects around just the way you like them. And the best part is, you become a marketing team for each other! You’ll have someone to recommend whenever you’re asked, and they’ll recommend YOU whenever they meet someone who needs a service like yours!

PS: It’s important to have go-to places, not just people! Again, you are building relationships. Plus, it lowers decision fatigue for when you need a last minute place to meet, or only have half an hour to find a great pair of shoes!

Here are some of our “go-tos!”

Shalese Danielle Photography is a photographer we have worked with for years! She literally did my very first branding shoot in 2013!

Our friends at the Apple Business team are amazing! Plus, our new support team Steven is always there when our Internet is down or we need other IT support!

I love going to Arielle for my beauty styling needs when I need to freshen up for an event!

Quirk is of course our go-to for meetings, both internal and external. Hello…it’s a pink hotel! Spending as much time there as we can until our office is built! Stay tuned for more details!

Zara and Nordstrom are my go-tos when I need a last minute accessory for a photoshoot or presentation!

Hobby doesn’t hurt that Hobby Lobby is right across the street from our office. But we are there at least once a week getting ribbons, glitter, anything to customize our project to meet each client’s specific needs!

PPS: Did you know that we have a Facebook group for likeminded business women to do just what we talked about here? #ThePRDolls are a Facebook community where you can make connections, trade business secrets, and share #bossbabe encouragement!


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