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“Millennials this, millennials that,” is just about all you hear on the news these days! But guess what, dolls? There’s a whole new generation right behind them that’s even more hip with buying decisions. Not only that, but a significant portion of parents say that their high schoolers are the biggest financial influencers in the house. Don’t leave them out of your calculations!

Generation Z is generally defined as someone born between the mid 90s and the early 2000s. They may not be old enough to drink champagne, but they are old enough to join the workforce and make major purchases. So what do you need to know about marketing to these young, savvy customers?

Authenticity Matters

At POSH PR®, we always say that if you are true to yourself, you’ll have no competition. Hold on to that, dolls! Generation Z can smell inauthenticity from a mile away. They grew up with social media, so they can see right through marketing schemes. They are looking for brands that are pretty, capable, and transparent. If your behind-the-scenes practice isn’t up to par with your front-facing message, Gen Z is sure to find out.

Stay Tuned…In

Gen Z is fast! If a brand no longer serves them, they have no problem moving on. While previous generations value brand loyalty, it’s the company that needs to be loyal to the customer when it comes to these youngsters. They are “always on,” so if you want to market to them, you should be “always on” too! Of course, that might just mean scheduling your posts ahead of time, because being “always on” doesn’t mean you should sacrifice sleep!

Smartphone Savvy

Speaking of social media, Generation Z is the iPhone generation. We know—we all love our smartphones! But older generations are much more likely to use desktop computers or laptops. Gen Z can conduct all of their business from their smallest screen. It is crucial to make sure your website and services are mobile-friendly!

Community Values

Lastly, Generation Z is full of world-changers. They connect internationally and value diversity. They want shape culture in a positive way. We believe world-changers can be any age, of course! When it comes to Gen Z, don’t be afraid to spread that positivity and be forward-thinking. You’ll be welcomed with open arms!
Dolls, it is so important to figure out your ideal customer. Whether it’s Gen Z, Millennials, or someone else, we are here to help you strategize and work it out!


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