Who's Your Girl?

Earlier this week, we talked about marketing to Generation Z. But wait, how do you even know if Gen Z is your audience?

When we are working with a new client, that’s our first question! We will pop some champagne and dream up the girl who will love you and your brand. Is she older, younger, a stay-at-home-momma, or jetsetter? Is she more likely to spend on products, or experiences? Is she an activist, an athlete, an academic? (Don’t get us wrong: a girl can be more than one thing! We love the #bossbabes who are out there hustling and doing #allthethings!)

Knowing your clients shapes EVERYTHING about the way you market. The more specifically you can talk to your audience, the more loyal they will be to you—and the more likely they are to tell their friends! Plus, Facebook algorithms love it when you can specify exactly who you want to push your brand to. Think about it: one brainstorming session, and you’ve got a lifetime of answers to questions like “how should I say this? Which image should I use? Am I on the right social media platform?”

#ProTip: Be honest with yourself and play to your strengths! Maybe you thought you had the perfect service for sophisticated, retired ladies, but twenty-somethings are frequenting your website. Guess what? That’s AOK! Success doesn’t always look the way you expect it to. Embrace what it is that makes you special and speak to the girls who see that in you!


Case Study

To give you an idea of what a client profile might look like, here’s one for our ideal client!

Name:  Kelly

Lives: a trendy part of town

Age: 35+

Hobbies: shopping, traveling, going out, entertaining, Saturday mornings with coffee + Vogue

Style: high-end, fashion-forward, splurges on quality pieces that will last forever

Characteristics: type A, confident, social, driven, big dreams

Values: quality, investing in both her business and in herself

 We LOVE making client profiles, so don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’ll put our heads together and come up with a strategy that celebrates you and the girls you serve.



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