How To Know You're Destined For Success


Success. Everyone has a different definition of what that means. To some it means raising a family, to others it means cultivating a career that matters. Whatever it means to you, keep that in mind as you read the following…

According to the Institute of Women’s Policy Research, roughly thirty percent of America’s business owners are women. Experts predict that this year female-owned businesses will create over half of all new small business jobs, and over one third of the nation’s new jobs! What?! This is exciting.

Our motto at POSH PR® is to elevate her brand so she can live the life she’s always dreamed of living. It is the most rewarding career to become a business BFF to all of our female CEOs!

In light of these exciting statistics, we decided to take a look at two different young women in an effort to identify some common personality and lifestyle traits that predict success.

Let’s look at Doll Number One:

On track and field day in elementary school, she was always picked first in choosing teams for the relay event. Everyone knew she was an athlete and everyone wanted her on their team.

In seventh grade, she ran for class president and won. She was the most outgoing and popular person in her class.

In high school, she was captain of the field hockey team, and voted prom queen.

She sailed through college, making the honor roll every semester and graduated with honors in business classes.

Yes, clearly she fits the description of a woman destined for success.

Now, let’s look at Doll Number Two:

In elementary school, she was the last person picked for the relay team. She was no athlete.

In seventh grade, she ran for class treasurer and lost to the newest kid in the school.

In high school, she tried our for the field hockey team, but did not make it.

She struggled through college, finally graduating with a C average.

But something happened to Doll Number Two. Something wonderful. Somewhere along the way she found her passion, discovered what excites her, what makes her dream big dreams. Those dreams have given her a focus and the drive to make them come true. She became unstoppable.

Yes, clearly she fits the description of a woman destined for success. We believe the key indicators for success are desire, passion, tenacity, flexibility, integrity and faith.

Whether you identify more with Doll Number One or Doll Number Two, once you find your passion, nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams! We believe you are destined for the ultimate success!


The PR Dolls

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