When Life Gives You Lemons

Hey Dolls, Happy National Lemonade Day! As the old saying goes, “When life, gives you lemons, make lemonade”.  Now, when this same concept is applied to your life it encourages a positive outlook in the midst of adversity and misfortune.  Learning how to take control of situations, by starting with your mindset, is a great way to tackle any obstacle or problem.  Here are a few Boss Doll tips on how to tackle adversity head on and take back control of the situation and your life.

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How to overcome adversity

1. Mindset is Everything

Like we mentioned above, mindset really is everything.  If you make an effort to change your overall outlook on a situation it has the power to do a lot for your overall well being.  It can start with something as little as creating a more positive view point on the situation and treating it as a learning experience.  By doing this you have already taken the first step in taking initiative and conquering the problem at hand.  

2. Don’t Make Excuses

Even though sometimes it isn’t what you want to hear, taking immediate action when a problem occurs is the best thing to do.  By doing this you will be getting one step ahead instead of three steps behind.

3. Goal Setting is Key

In most cases, problems and obstacles may seem overwhelming, our best advice in this situation is to break it down.  By doing this, it will be easier to create a plan of action and think logically in your search to find a solution. 

4. Be Fierce

In order to face adversity you must not shy away.  If you get discouraged and let problems and situations control your overall persona then you will be consumed by your misfortunes.  Better yet, we suggest putting on your big girl pants and acting like the real boss doll we know you are!  Have confidence in yourself and who you are.  Instead of shying away, face adversity as a challenge to show the world that you are a force to be reckoned with.

5. Learn from your mistakes

Easier said than done right?  Sometimes we forget that we are human, and mistakes are an inevitable part of life.  Instead of being so hard on yourself, remember to take the situation as a learning experience and use it to help you grow as a person.  

So Dolls, as a full service branding agency we understand that life isn’t always perfect.  But, we don’t let that get use down, instead we work together to rise to the occasion and make our very best lemonade!  

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