Mindful Snacking

Happy Thursday Dolls! If you’re anything like #theprdolls then you’re probably in the midst of your busy workday! That being said, everyone knows that in order to thrive and make it through the workday you must be properly nourished. Although, there’s a fine line between being mindful of what you snack on and simply binging whatever is sugar coated in the office breakroom! In addition to being tasty, you want your snacks help you stay energized and productive. 

Here at POSH PR® we believe in doing everything with a strong intention.  That means everything from branding to what we are putting into our bodies.  Everything must serve a purpose.  We have compiled some tips to help you avoid stress eating and some healthy snack options to keep you full, as an alternative!



  • If you don’t bring it you won’t eat it - Refrain from bringing unhealthy snacks to work

  • Portion Control - Portion out your snacks so you don’t eat the whole bag

  • Pay Attention - Limit distractions while you’re eating

  • Willpower is key - Use willpower if there’s an abundance of unhealthy snacks laying around your office

  • Be Aware - Be aware of your feelings and stress levels before you start eating that way you can put binge eating to an end before it even starts

  • Eat more slowly - It may sound silly but trying to savor each bite will help decrease

  • Don’t skip meals - This will create less opportunities for you to crave an abundance of snacks.

  • Drink Water - Thirst is often mistaken for hunger, so keep hydrated at work.

The key to healthy snacking is really finding what tasty options that work for you.  If you view healthy eating like it is a chore then you will inevitably end up binge eating the things you are trying to avoid as a result because your cravings will not be satisfied. Finding the right snacks for you might be trial and error but in the long run you will be look and feel better.  Here is a Iist of some of our favorites. 


So Dolls, remember it is okay to indulge every once in awhile but moderation is key.  We hope we have inspired you to be more mindful next time you’re looking to grab a snack! We would also love to hear about what your go to work snacks are!?