Market with a Media Kit


A couple of weeks ago, we nailed down a media kit for ourselves (what’s that saying about the cobbler having no shoes…?)

A media kit is such an important tool to keep in your PR + Marketing arsenal! Harness The Power of PR by keeping an updated version on hand. This can be a PDF, powerpoint, or online file so that you have #allthedetails as soon as someone asks about your company. Or, if you’re on top of your game and being proactive, you can send out hundreds at a time to cover as much ground as possible!

A media kit is like your brand’s resume. It explains who you are, what you do, and why it matters to the recipient. You might include a timeline of how your company has grown, or a price estimate breakdown. It’s always good to list previous clients or experience!

Like a resume, your media kit should have personality AND useful information. Show off that brand identity and make recipients swoon with pretty photos! But don’t forget to explain exactly why your audience needs to know your brand—and what they can do about it now that they know! When it comes to marketing, nothing should leave your desk without a call to action attached. So be sure to include contact information and next steps, like “call this number for a free consultation” or “visit our website to learn more about ______.”

Next time you get an email from a potential client wanting to know more about what you offer, save yourself the time and stress of figuring out exactly what to tell them. Just send a sweet reply and attach your media kit!

As always, we would love to help you build one! We’ll even send you our brand new media kit as an example!


The PR Dolls

PS. We are gearing up to send out press kits for four different clients! Stay tuned if you’re curious about the difference between a press kit and a media kit!