Business Cheerleader

Happy National Day of Encouragement Dolls! 

Here at POSH PR® we take a certain amount of pride in being our clients number one Business BFF and of course their business cheerleaders! We believe that creating a healthy and positive relationship that goes above and beyond with our clients helps motivate them to be their best! Our CEO and head doll, Caroline built POSH PR® with the desire to serve clients that inspire her on a strong foundation of love!  With that being said, it is truly amazing when you have the ability to work with such amazing #bossdolls.  Better yet, nothing feels better than having women trust us #theprdolls with their livelihood!  That’s why we are forever grateful for our clients and are constantly cheering them on in whatever endeavor they have at hand!  Do you want to show your clients some appreciation but don’t know where to start?! Have no fear we have come up with a few ideas to help get you started!

Highlight 5.png

Monthly Experience Gifts

One of our favorite symbols of appreciation for our clients are our client experience gifts that we mail out monthly! These are tiny tokens sent to our clients to thank them for trusting us with their businesses! But, most importantly it is thanking them for letting us work with them! All of our clients are amazing and they deserve the world so it’s the least we can do! You know what they say, it’s the little things in life and sometimes a little something in the mailbox is all your clients need to feel appreciated and motivated!

Emphasize Teamwork

Expressing to your clients that you are all on the same team is necessary in the encouragement department! If your clients know that you have their best interest always then thing will run smoothly!  After all, you are in it together and if your clients are happy and succeed then you will be happy and succeed!  We make teamwork a key component in our relationships with all clients at POSH PR® and it has never failed us!

A Smile

Last but not least, always having a smile on your face is hands down the number one tip we have for encouraging your clients!  By having a positive attitude and reminding them that things will turn around even if they are going through a rough patch you are helping them to succeed.  Attitude really is everything and so important for success!  Keep in mind that supporting your clients with help grow your bond and solidify their trust in you! 


So Dolls, we hope this helped spark some inspiration for how you should cheer on your clients not just on National Day of Encouragement but everyday!