POSH PR® is a boutique public relations and luxury branding agency specializing in partnerships with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands worldwide. 

With over nine years of experience in sales, marketing and PR, our Founder and CEO, Caroline Kalentzos, specializes in developing a luxury lifestyle brand.  She understands how to tell your brand's unique story and takes pride in developing customized strategies that produce exceptional results.

From curating specialized content to attract your ideal client, to implementing promotional campaigns, we believe that authentic brands are successful brands and if you stay true to yourself you have no competition!

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CEO + Head doll

Caroline Kalentzos |  caroline@poshpr.com

Caroline Kalentzos | caroline@poshpr.com


Kym Blanchard |  kym@poshpr.com

Kym Blanchard | kym@poshpr.com

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Jaclyn Siewert |  jaclyn@poshpr.com

Jaclyn Siewert | jaclyn@poshpr.com


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Morgan Wellman |  morgan@poshpr.com

Morgan Wellman | morgan@poshpr.com

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Alexis Kennedy |  alexis@poshpr.com

Alexis Kennedy | alexis@poshpr.com


Jessica Pick |  heydoll@poshpr.com

Jessica Pick | heydoll@poshpr.com