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The 3 Different Types of Instagram Profiles

Instagram used to be pretty black and white in regards to which profile you were going to set your account profile to.  The options were either Business or Personal.  So, the decision was fairly simple.  But recently, with Instagram rolling out a new option called Creator, it may have created a gray area for a lot of users.  Typically in the past users would use the Business style account for marketing purposes in order to build their following and engagement but now with this new addition to the lineup things may have gotten confusing.  So, you may be asking yourself, “What is this “Creator” account, and how is it different, and why did they implement this new profile account to begin with?” 

Well, for starters, this addition was as a result of Instagrams marketing, growing, and evolving as a whole.  Nowadays, with influencers as the for frontier and backbone of the app the creators needed and desired more.  Thus, the Creator profile was born!  So, now here’s the interesting part, users do not need anything special to qualify for a Creator account.  It turns out, the rumors that accounts needed a minimum of 10,000 followers were false!  If you’re still a little lost let me break it down in POSH PR® terms! So, @poshpr is currently set as a Business profile and our CEO and Head Doll @thecarolinedoll originally started out as a personal account but has made the switch over to a Creator account.                                

Just to give you boss dolls a more clear picture of the details that these accounts entail we have broken down the three options available for categorizing your Instagram profiles below! 



So Dolls, we hope that we have cleared up the confusion and have helped you in your process of deciding which account profile best suits you and your individual needs! Last but not least, be sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up with #allthethings we’ve been up to recently!