How to Sell Your Blog to Your Favorite Brands

We're no newbies to blogs, dolls. We love that a blog gives you a platform to share your brand story and connect with your ideal client. We also love how valuable blogging for business is, and always try to encourage our clients to include blogging in their marketing strategy for SEO and client reach! However, if you are an Influencer and are trying to monetize your blog, this is an entirely different beast!

Below, we've broken down the steps of how to sell your blog to your favorite brands!


Create A Budget

While it's definitely important to monetize yourself, it's more important not to go broke over it! You'll need to set specific guidelines for how much you're willing to invest in your favorite brands or products for each blog. Before you decide to email a contact at that brand you have in mind, you'll need to have an idea of what you can actually spend (especially, if they decide they cannot give you free product)! Don't forget, dolls! You can always barter and trade services for a perfect partnership. Offer your favorite brand a dedicated blog post in exchange for some free product.

Target Specific Brands

While you may love all types of different brands, from beauty to fitness to fashion, it's important to only target those specific brands that will work with your brand. This is where you'll need to remember your audience! What do your readers frequently come to your blog to hear about? Our CEO, Caroline, loves talking beauty, fashion, and lifestyle products, so her blogs feature products on those favorite products that she already loves using! You won't find a blog dedicated to cars, because it doesn't fit her niche!

Create A Media Kit

The best step in the door to introduce yourself is a media kit. This is your best selling tool! A media kit acts as a fact sheet for your brand and blog. It should include a bio and about for your brand, and always include statistics. Show off your results, your reach, and your demographics so they can know how valuable your partnership would be! While you could just send them a link to your website, this should be an extension of your website that's more targeted and connects specifically to what you're trying to sell. 

Define Your Goals

Once you have your favorite brands agreeing to work with you, it's time to define your goals! What will your content strategy look like? Do you have photo ideas mapped out, or a title in mind? Also consider what the brand has in mind for your blog, and stick to it. As an Influencer, I'm sure you've googled "blog calculators" and found the ratio for your followers to unique subscribers. At POSH PR®, we look at things a little differently. Depending on your reach and your audience, your value could change in measure. Promoting your blog on your social media accounts and creating personalized content for your blogs all add value to your brand!

No matter what brands you reach out to, it's important to stay true to yourself. While starting out may be hard, the ultimate goal is to make money on your blogs, dolls! Remember your audience and your content strategy, and you'll be making money in no time!

Xo, The PR Dolls!