Boss Up Your Education


Tips To Stay Educated And Relevant

Back to school time has #theprdolls thinking about the importance of education. Not in the literal sense of going to school everyday, but more in the continuation of education once you are out in the real world and progressing through your career. In this day and age, the world is moving at such a fast pace that it’s so easy to get lost in the mix and get left behind. But, the most savvy Boss Dolls of the world know that the education process truly never stops. Yes, we graduate, we receive our diplomas, we get jobs, and we start our careers but, it’s truly the most successful people in the world that continue to further their education everyday!

In the social media industry especially it is key to be on top of your game always! Here at POSH PR® we know that if we want to attract the right clientele we NEED to be the experts of everything we do, that’s why furthering our education is a key component to our lives! We are constantly striving to be our best so that we in turn can help our clients be their best! Want to know how we learn #allthethings?!

Read Read Read

The oldest trick in the book but still holds true. In order to learn the tricks of the trade the number one trick is to do your homework and get to reading! You might be asking yourself, “But what do I read?!” The truth is, it varies according to the person and their career.

If you’re in the social media industry we recommend blogs written on the Instagram Business Blog for all things trending in the digital world.

Another example—if you’re in the fashion industry we recommend the Vogue Business Blog.

Of course, if you’re looking for #allthethings PR and branding related you have come to the right place on this very blog! Here at POSH PR® we strive to become your #BusinessBFF by providing weekly blogs that pertain to all things a boss doll would need to run her dream business.

educational Conferences

Attending an industry-specific conference is another way to stay onto of your education. More simply put, interacting with people who are the experts in your given field is a quick way to learn, and learn fast!

Some of our CEO’s favorite conferences to attend include Create and Cultivate, Altitude Summit, and Rebellecon.

To be honest, the connections you will make might be worth more than the education for some. Caroline is always coming back from spending at conferences with a list of new friends!

Find Your Business BFF

You know how they say it’s lonely at the top? Well, if you are feeling lonely in business you are in need of a business BFF!

Whether you just need a colleague to bounce ideas off of or a full service agency to lend you a helping hand—this is not only helpful for your sanity, but also helpful for your growth. Two heads are smarter than one, right?

There are also some incredible business experts out there who offer one-on-one mentoring. Caroline offers a service called Doll Dates (contact her here to learn more!) where she digs deep into your brand and helps you take it to the next level. Talk about a hands on approach!

You’ve Got This Doll

Sometimes our best strategies come from taking a step back and reading a good book, going to the Opera or playing in a pool of sprinkles at the Museum of Ice Cream. Being inspired by your surroundings is always a way to get you fired up about your brand.

Totally cheering you on today and everyday! XoC