Behind The Doll Scenes


Some Things You Didn’t Know About POSH PR®

Have you ever wondered what goes into the day in the life of #THEPRDOLLS?! Well if you’re curious, you’re not alone, and you’re in luck! We decided to compile a list of some behind-the-scenes things that go on in our Boss Doll lives, as well as some fun facts you probably didn’t know about POSH PR®!

  1. You can now follow #THEPRDOLLS on Instagram! (Operations Doll, Social Media Doll, Publicist Doll, Pitch Doll) to get a better insight into our roles here at POSH PR®!

  2. Did you know that wedding planning was a service that POSH PR offered in the past? Our CEO and Head Doll had previous experience in corporate event planning and was very gifted at it!

  3. Our business motto, Champagne Is Always The Answer®, is award winning and #THEPRDOLLS don’t take this lightly! We have a champagne toast after every brand deal in the office!

  4. We are an Apple friendly agency and all work on gold MacBooks!


  6. We host a yearly PR and Branding workshop called The PR Behind The Pretty — click here to get on the list for upcoming dates taking place in the new office!

  7. We believe in making the world a prettier place and that a pretty Instagram feed can play a role in this!

  8. Pink may be our favorite color, but you can catch us in all black on branding photoshoot days!

  9. All the dolls are under 5’2” except our CEO and Head Doll Caroline!

  10. We love buying edible props for flat lays — and snacking on them too!

  11. Our business mascot is Lola Peach, a 14-year-old poodle aka the poo-doll!

  12. We all run on coffee… until it’s time for Champagne!

  13. Mezeh is an office favorite for take out — seriously, that is all our CEO will eat!

  14. Opera is always playing in the background of our office upstairs (thanks to Caroline) but you can typically find Hamilton playing in the doll offices.

  15. All #THEPRDOLLS are a team and we work our hardest every day to help our clients succeed!

If you see yourself fitting in with our team be sure to send us your resume! We are currently looking to expand our team! Interested?! For more information be sure to head to our website here!