Calm, Cool, & Collected

How To Stay Calm Under Pressure


Whether you’re preparing for a speech, getting ready for an interview, or just under immense amounts of stress from work, reminding yourself to stay calm is the key to success! Ever wonder how people are such amazing public speakers?! It’s because they have mastered their calm, cool, and collected routine long, long ago.

Our CEO and Head Doll Caroline is a public speaking guru and she has her routine established down to the smallest of detail! As a matter of fact, one of Caroline’s favorite things to do is emcee an event, conduct live interviews or host a fashion show. She claims she gets such a rush from the energy of the audience and the ability to energize people with her words.

With all that being said, if public speaking is something you want to improve on, we plan to share with you all some of our POSH PR® pressure tips directly from the source in order to help you succeed in all areas of your boss doll life!


The most common tip for relaxing under pressure is breathing.  We agree it is SO important to remember your breathing.  We recommend taking a mindful pause and 3 full breaths before speaking.  We also recommend that if you start to feel panicked while speaking remember to pause and get your breath back into a rhythm. Once you’ve mastered this you will succeed with flying colors!

Watch Your Caffeine 

I know, I know, you’re definitely thinking that this ones crazy but truth be told, it couldn’t be more accurate.  Chugging coffee may give you boosts of energy which can be helpful but when combined with high levels of adrenaline it can become a recipe for disaster.  We recommend drinking a little less than usual or even drinking decaf!


If you are giving a speech or talk we recommend you do a few run throughs but, watch how much time you actually practice!  In some instances repetition may not work in your favor.  If say, you are trying to memorize your speech instead of actually learning it you can easily be slipped up if you forget a word.  Instead of trying to memorize something word for word we recommend only practicing enough to feel comfortable with the order of topics and general points.  By presenting a speech this way you will sound more intellectual and like you have a greater understanding of the topic at hand rather than just reciting something previously written! Don’t worry Dolls we believe you and every boss doll has the power to slay their speeches and presentations!

Focus On One Thing At A Time

This tip is appropriate for so many different situations.  If it is applied to public speaking it means to break the speech down and remember not to get too far ahead of yourself.  If you are too busy focusing on the last paragraph of the speech you will likely make an error something earlier on.  If this is applied to overall stressful situations it merely means to tackle each task at a time instead of looking at a large list and getting easily overwhelmed! Crazy to think that so many stressful situations can be avoided when you simply slow down and take things one thing at a time!


Lastly, being mindful of your attitude can be very helpful.  If you remain negative about a situation whether you are stressed out at work or are really dreading a speech or interview its best to turn these emotions off.  By removing those thoughts from your mind you are clearing your head space and allowing yourself to focus and perform better on your responsibilities.  

So, Dolls, next time pressure starts to set in be sure to remember these POSH PR® pressure tips!  We’ve always got your backs!