3 Content Tips From Our Publicist Doll

Three Easy Steps To Consider When Creating Content For Your Brand

Dolls, we get it! Creating content can be TOUGH. There’s SO much that can go into creating content for you and your brand. As our Head Doll + CEO, Caroline always says, “The image is the hook!” When creating visual content for your brand, the image is the hook to what you offer. Would our audience double tap on the image you just posted on Instagram? Does the copy in the caption have the right call to action? Does it drive traffic to your website where more information is provided about your services or products? These are the questions we consider when creating content for our internal brands and for our clients! Creating content essentially sells you, and in turn sells your brand and the services or products you offer. This all comes from creating that hook!

Just last week, our Publicist Doll started adding verbiage to our social media copy regarding an upcoming PR workshop we are hosting. Guess what happened next? We received two education specific inquiries immediately after the post! That’s the end result of social media! To connect, we mean truly connect, in order to capture the attention of your audience (and ideal client!).  Today we sat down with our Publicist Doll, Sierra, to learn more about what content creation means to her. She also shares a few tips to consider when creating your own content!


Content Tips from Our Publicist Doll:

Establish Brand Icons + Infuse Them Into Your Brand Imagery

When you consistently infuse your brand icons into your content you will start to create brand recognition in your industry. Establishing brand icons are visual assets that can help your ideal client understand your brand and even what product or services you offer!

For example, two of our brand icons are Champagne and the color pink. Our Head Doll + CEO, Caroline, loves Champagne so much she actually trademarked our business slogan — Champagne Is Always The Answer®! And let’s be honest, you will feel so many more steps closer to living your best Champagne life just by scrolling through her Insta feed!

Schedule Content Days

We get it Dolls, when you’re intimidated by shooting content yourself it’s often times tough to carve out time to make it happen. Not to add an additional to-do to your list, but our Publicist Doll suggests creating a content strategy. This will give you a designated time to create the content that is needed to represent your brand! We know you #bossdolls are busy building and then running your dream brands. Once you’ve created branded content, we recommend using a scheduling platform (like Planoly!) to help you curate your social media feed so that you can set it on auto-pilot! There are even scheduling opportunities on social platforms like Facebook and Pinterest.

At POSH PR®, we have an editorial calendar where we schedule time to brainstorm new content ideas, to execute photoshoots, and to map out our overall strategy. We prefer scheduling weekly shoots in order to stay on top of our content game!

When In Doubt — Keep It Light, Bright + Airy

Nothing says ‘this is an elevated brand’ quite like a clean social media presence. For imagery in particular, our Publicist Doll recommends keeping things light, bright and airy! This is a simple way to highlight your brand and the services or products you offer in a clean way. Learn to train your eye to value white space and clean lines. You’re not just setting the stage for one perfect image, you’re mapping out the brand story you want to tell with images that all compliment one another. This is a great way to guarantee cohesiveness and consistency in your brand.

When creating content, don’t always assume your audience know absolutely everything there is to know about your brand or your industry. The point of creating content is to tell your audience how you want them to think and feel about your brand. We are totally cheering you on!

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