Why You Should Be The Face Of Your Brand

It’s crazy to think that our CEO + Head Doll, Caroline, created POSH PR® over seven years ago! When we look back seven years ago to what branding and public relation specific agencies were… well — they were basically nonexistent. So when Caroline decided to create her own branding agency, she not only wanted it to be visually different (pink + aesthetically pretty!) but she also wanted to take a new approach to how she intentionally promoted her brand and services.


Now Dolls, at first it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows! Caroline received a ton of push back from just about everyone. They expressed their hesitation when she would post images of herself (and doing her service) through her social media platforms. Branding has evolved substantially over the years! So when Caroline started curating her business instagram feed with her face with a lifestyle aesthetic, people were both intrigued but skeptical. 

At the time, it was common for people (and creatives) to use a more traditional advertising approach when it came to promoting their talents, services and products. Owners of creative agencies would hide behind their services and products, which wasn’t bad — just the norm at the time.

Caroline told us how her sweet mother would say, “Caroline Doll, why are you posting images of you in tulle skirts on your page? You look beautiful baby but how does this showcase your professional skills?” 

Sure, wearing a tutu might not be practical for most, but it showcased exactly what her branding agency was capable of — curating beautiful, thought-provoking imagery to represent her brand. At the time (and before she really even knew what it was), Caroline was selling a brand while positioning herself as the face of her brand. She was essentially selling a lifestyle and people wanted to be apart of it on some type of level! 

Leading creatives, such as Jenna Kutcher and Cara Alwill Leyba from The Champagne Diet, have talked about the rise of “being the face of your brand” over the past five to ten years in countless blogs and podcasts. So to that we say — our CEO must of been onto something! And if you were doing this too back then, then rest easy knowing you too were pioneering the future of branding!

From the beginning, Caroline was strategically building her brand off her personal brand, which wasn’t quite common at the time. She wanted people to fall in love with her because she was a one-woman-show and she was the BEST service provider for her ideal client. Being the face of your brand is NOT just a trending “now” type of strategy, it is an intentional business choice! 

If you’re considering whether or not you should follow in Caroline’s footsteps and become the face of your own brand, here’s what you need to know!

  1. What you like and what your brand likes is now synonymous.

    This is very important to understand when you are the face of your brand. As a public figure, you need to be intentional with every post, comment, image, caption…. you name it! If you have a strong opinion about a topic, and want to share this with the world, know that your brand needs to stand behind that opinion, too.

  2. You AND your brand both need a separate bio.

    When we’re building a brand for a client, we like to reiterate the significance of creating a separate bio for you and your brand. At first, most of our clients assume that your brand only needs one bio — we think this is a big misconception. As the face of your brand, you will need to express who you are as a personal brand and then showcase all the amazing things your brand can offer your ideal client in another bio!

  3. You will become a content creator no matter what industry your business is in.

    It’s time to get comfortable in front of the camera, Dolls! Your social media manager (that’s us!) will need branded photos of you in order to promote you and your brand across digital platforms. These are lifestyle images that help create brand recognition.

  4. You have the power to tell people how you want them to think and feel about your brand.

    As the face of your brand, you have the ability to showcase your brand exactly how you see fit! This is an incredibly powerful way to connect with your ideal client as the ultimate icon of your brand.

  5. Don’t take it too personal!

    We tell our clients this all the time — It’s okay if everyone doesn’t like you and your brand. In order to truly live your best Champagne life, you want to attract your true ideal clients because that’s who you will serve best! If you receive push back, like our CEO did when she first launched POSH PR®, trust in your gut! We believe when you stay true to yourself you’ll have no competition!