Systems of Love

How We Stay On Track

Basecamp, Planoly, Analytics - Oh My!

These are just a few of the words we use everyday in the POSH PR® office! Around here, we love a working system. To-dos, tasks, checklists - these are the ways we keep on track and get the job done. We have many different tools to help our company complete our projects, but to be honest with you, dolls, we have a few favorites we can't stop singing the praises of!



Probably our most-used tool, Basecamp is a project management and team communication software that we love. It shows you everyone's communication in real time, with both clients and coworkers, and allows you to assign tasks and due dates for anything and everything you could possibly be working on! Clicking on a client's project allows you to see the most recent activity, all client and internal discussions, and even a timeline of open tasks yet to be completed. One of our favorite parts? The text document feature! We can add notes, copywriting, and important information we don't want to forget right in these text documents, and share them with our clients for review and approval, making the process fast and easy!


If you're looking to schedule your Instagram posts, Planoly is the way to go! We love suggesting this tool to our Social Media clients whenever we complete a Starter Kit for them! It's a way to manage, plan, and schedule Instagram posts from your computer and mobile phone! We work hard to create beautifully curated feeds and creatively designed captions for all of our clients, but with so many, it can be daunting to have to manually post every photo and caption each day for multiple clients! Planoly is our secret weapon, dolls! It allows us to manage all of your posts in one place and even review the analytics right there!


Speaking of analytics... We know it can be a scary word to many. We've realized over the many years of running this boutique PR agency that most of our clients don't know how to find their social media analytics, let alone understand them. That's where we come in, dolls! We love looking at the back end of your accounts and figuring out what works best for you! We'll gather information on the best posting times for your scheduled photos and captions in Instagram; we'll review the times your website is getting the most visits (and whether your visitors are seeing it from social media or a search engine more); we'll even analyze the metrics your Facebook or Instagram ad receives to make sure it's performing the way you like! Whenever we end a project with a client (which is always a sad day for us, dolls), we provide them with a POSH Recap that shows all of the things they've worked on with us and the results of that work! This little project of ours includes the analytics of their social media campaigns, their email marketing, their website visits, and their press releases and advertisement results. It's a great way to show them the value of PR and how to make sure they succeed doing it themselves in the future!

We absolutely love working with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands, but can we let you in on a secret, doll? We love the process of building them from the start up, even more!

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