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The Benefits of Social Media Starter Kits!

Hey, dolls! If you're finding this little blog of ours from our social media page, then we've already demonstrated one reason why social media is so important to your business! Determining the best content is a struggle enough for many business owners, but usually, it's the time management of it all that's even harder to maintain! When do you actually have time to take amazing photos and write amazing captions to go with them? When do you actually have time to publish those photos and engage with your followers?

We all know the importance of social media, and it's hold on consumers. It's a great way to capture your audience where they're spending their time, and direct them to your business! Yet, for a lot of small businesses, it's the first thing to go when they run out of time when managing everything else! That's where we come in, dolls!


Social Media Starter Kits

These passion projects of ours are the design and strategy behind your social media! We create a full month's worth of content for you to have a beautifully curated feed that your followers will see when they visit your page! We usually have these coincide with a brand refresh or a website design, so your ideal client can see a solid base of content whenever they find you! So, what goes into a Social Media Starter Kit?

The Perfect Formula

The best way for us to start your social media curation is to consider the best strategy of each set of nine squares on your Instagram! We'll create a formula of what type of photos should be in this set of nine. We always believe there should be at least one "human touch" in each set! Whether it's a picture of you as the business owner, a bride (if you're running a wedding planning account), or a hand modeling your product, make sure to always include at least one photo that has a personal touch to draw followers in! The rest of your formula is created and dependent on your business! You may showcase lots of detail photos, or show off product in at least four squares. It's totally different every time!


Think of a hashtag strategy as your "key words." These are the terms that are specific to you, your brand, and your industry, and will be the ways people find you through Instagram! When they search "Boutique PR Agency," we'll end up in their search results because we've continuously used that hashtag on our photos! Every photo can have up to 30 hashtags, so we think hard and long about what ways you could likely be found!


Perfectly Curated

The next part is our favorite, dolls! We provide you with a month’s worth of photos and personalized content for you to have a beautifully curated feed on Instagram! When your followers find your account, they'll see a lot of photos that are branded to you and know exactly what to expect with your business or brand!

Caption This!

A picture's worth a thousand words, dolls, but we'll keep it shorter than that! With each photo, we provide you with a caption that will embody your voice and your brand. It will be informative or fun, educational or personal, based on your company's mission and industry! This is where we really capture the words that will attract your ideal client to do more with you! We can direct them to your website, your blog, or to buy your product through the perfect words!

"Hi! I'M ___!"

The last (and maybe the most important) part is your bio! Your Instagram bio is limited to 150 characters. (That includes spaces and punctuation, dolls!) Whenever we create a Social Media Starter Kit for our clients, we think long and hard about the perfect bio for them. We want it to tell their ideal client what they do, who they are, and why they're different - and all in 150 characters! The good news? Your website doesn't need to fall into this character limit, so you can always have that right beneath your bio! Your bio should be inviting, professional, and unique. We work with each of our clients to make sure it's just right for them!

These starter kits are a true passion project of ours, and we love seeing them come to life when they're finally on our client's Instagram feed! This kit essentially acts as a tool to teach you what to do when you're unsure how to post and what to post! Still unsure you can do it just right? We're here to help! We can schedule and post your first month's curation (and beyond) on your accounts! We'll even handle messaging and engagement with your followers to really grow your brand! Click here to learn more! 

Xo, #thePRDolls