Radiate Your Brand

How To Attract Your Ideal Client Like A Boss

How to attract your ideal client like the real boss doll that you are!

We believe that you have the power to tell your ideal client how to think and feel about you. That’s right… with strategic digital marketing and PR your brand can actually have an influence!

As a boutique PR and branding agency, our goal is to become your business BFF. We work hard day in and day out thinking of the best ways to make our clients' businesses as successful as possible. We consider the dos and don’ts of their industries, what their brand should look and feel like, and the best way to attract their ideal client. After all, it's all about getting the right people to notice you, right? Whenever we start a new project, we’re excited to collaborate with you in order to create something that not only you love, but that your ideal client will love too! 

So! How do you get your ideal client to come to you, you ask? It's all in the details, dolls!


Build A Brand With Love!

The first step to any business strategy is to determine your "Why." Why are you motivated to pursue this venture? Why are you passionate about it? And lastly, why now? Think about what you're most excited about, dolls! That's what your business should be built on! It won’t feel like work if it’s things you love to do! Do you love working weddings? Are you passionate about fitness? Do you want to see people wearing your clothes? Great! Once you've determined this, we'll dive a little deeper...


Think about what it is that makes you stand out! At our business, we love serving women and showcasing our own love of #allthingspink! You can find us always thinking about pink poodles and pink champagne, and our clients trust us to create beautiful, luxury brands. How? Because we've built our brand around it! We wanted everyone to know who we are (pink-loving dolls) and what we do (POSH PR®) and we made sure our brand looked and felt like that to anyone who we see us through our content and our words. As we said, it's all in the details...

Creativity Is Key!

When we create a Brand Identity for our clients, we think about all the details that make up their business. We look at different colors, textures, mood images, and key words that will define who they are and what they do. This is the best way for your ideal client to know what to expect from you! When they see your colorful logo, they'll know you love a dash of fun. If your logo is completely black and white, they may think it's more classic and professional. Keep in mind, your ‘about’ is just as important! The words in your mission and objective define you and your business, so use that as a tool to stand apart from the crowd.

When building a brand, it’s easiest to imagine the end goal! The steps in-between are where we come in to play! We’ll take what you thought was unimaginable and bring it to life! Want to work with us so we can help your ideal client find you? Click here!

Xo, The PR Dolls