Swipe Up on Engagement

How To Engage Your Followers With Instagram Stories


We all know the power of social media. No matter which platform you promote your brand on, your content is what keeps your followers around. So, what do you do to keep them coming back for more?

Instagram Stories are a perfect way to entice your followers to view your full profile. With Instagram's new updates, they live at the top of your screen the moment you open the app, and are typically users’ first stop. Therefore, they're a perfect avenue for new content, exciting announcements, and even giveaway contests! Yet, with all this new content on everyone's profile, you'll need a way to make sure people go to your page to follow and interact!

Here a five ways to make your stories stand out:

1. Color Coding:

While it's definitely important to be different than the others, it's equally important to stay on brand! Make sure your Instagram stories look like you! After all, they're what made your followers come to you in the first place. If your brand or profile is all about pink and luxury items, make sure your Instagram stories have the same vibes! (Want to make sure your stories look just like your feed? Share a post directly from it. Instagram offers the option to share any of your photos to your stories, and format them to look and feel how you like! When you tap on the photo in the story, you’re given a pop-up that allows followers to go directly to your profile and see the original post!)

2. Get Graphic:

The best part about Instagram Stories are the capabilities you have with every post! From gifs, to colorful and unique fonts, you have tons of options to have fun with your stories! Capture your audience with moving stickers, and don’t forget to use your hashtag strategy in them! 

3. Survey Says:

One of our favorite features on Instagram Stories is the Poll option! You can create a "This or That" survey for your followers to answer and keep your engagement active! Want to send them to your profile? Start off with two or three poll questions, and then direct them to your profile to see your own answers!


4. Swipe Up:

Arguably the best feature, we love a "Swipe Up" on an Instagram Story! Your followers can view your creative images and then see more by swiping up to a designated link! Have them directed to your website or your corresponding blog post for more active views! (This feature is currently only available to accounts with over 10,000 followers.)

5. Analyze That:

Don't forget to see what works! You want to make sure what your posting is something your followers want to see, so you'll need to check those statistics to create content that's perfect for them. When viewing your story from your own account, simply swipe up to see some basic analytics on who has viewed them and how many times each post has been viewed. Instagram also sends you an immediate message notification for any followers who share or respond to your stories!

Our best advice for Instagram Stories? Have fun with it! Social Media is a perfect platform for bringing attention to your business, and we're firm believers that what you build on love will bring love to you!


The PR Dolls