Setting Yourself Up for Success While Traveling

Our business takes us all over the world, dolls! Our Head Doll, Caroline, has travelled from Florida, to Los Angeles, even to Italy to help our clients build the brand they've always dreamed of!


So how do you stay on track and not lose sight of all the work you need to accomplish when you're hopping across an ocean or two? We've created a list of tips for you to be your most successful while traveling!

Portable Chargers Save Lives:

We're always working with multiple forms of technology, and therefore can't imagine a world where our computer or phone is dead. (That's the stuff of nightmares, dolls!) We carry our computer chargers and phone chargers with us at all times (and sometimes even extras) to make sure we never miss an email and are always capable of working on our projects. (Another suggestion: bring a simple extension cord for those hard to reach outlets!)

Headphones + Hands-Free:

We always pack two pairs of headphones with us when traveling: bluetooth, wireless headphones, and a pair of plug-in headphones. When we need to be on a call, but also want to make sure we're helping our clients with live edits or notes, we make sure our bluetooth headphones are in and our hands are typing away! (These are especially handy when we need to charge our phones and can't plug our headphones in at the same time!) A backup of plug-in headphones is helpful, though, for when you may need to charge your wireless ones!

Sky High Wifi:

We make sure to look at our airline's wifi options ahead of time to make sure we'll be able to work while we're in the air. (A #dolltip we like to suggest? Sometimes purchasing your wifi ahead of time saves you some money from the higher prices once you're in flight!) P.S. - You can always set your phone up as a HotSpot so you have access to personal wifi when the airport's might be too slow for the work you need to do!

Portable Office Space:

When you're traveling, your office is wherever you go! It can be extremely helpful to plan for some private office space ahead of time so you know you'll have a place to work while you're away from home. You can find your closest Starbucks or local café to work on your computer in a comfortable atmosphere, or set up camp in the hotel lobby or ballroom (if it's empty) to get your work done. (Why not get two tasks done at once and work by the pool so you can also work on your tan?)

Fun-Time is Whenever You Make It:

It's also important to us dolls to schedule in some fun while we're away. We plan ahead when we'll be shopping, dining out, and exploring the views of the town we're in so we can make sure we're doing everything we want while traveling: working on our goals and seeing the sights of a new city! While we believe in working hard on our dreams, we believe it's just as important to never miss an opportunity for a fun, Instagrammable photo!

Business with Boss Babes:

If you’re an Influencer and want to do a meet and greet, or if you sell a business one-on-one like our Doll Dates, tell people where you’re going to be in town so your followers from this new city can meet with you. It's a great opportunity to learn more about your distant followers, and help women from all over create their dream jobs, too!

We have this strange capability to somehow get more done when we're traveling, and we truly believe it's because of our ability to plan ahead and make the most out of our time!

Where will you be traveling to next dolls? Tag us in your travel photos at @poshpr and let us know how you'll be getting the most out of your work trip!


The PR Dolls