Love A Lawyer


Did you know there’s a holiday for Hugging Your Lawyer? It’s not today, but we could hug our lawyer every day! There are so many little things that go into building a business and even the smartest doll can’t be an expert in every single field. We’re DIYers, but we are strong believers in building up a community. You have the vision, but you don’t have to turn it into a reality on your own! You need web design. Photography. Social media management. And yes, legal stuff!

It can be totally daunting to figure out…do I need a license for this? How do I do my taxes? Am I an LLC? We recommend getting a lawyer on your side to help with all of this! Yes, a lawyer should be part of your “business collective.

Although it’s tempting to just run your business on love and trust, things like contracts and licenses are still important! These things protect both you and your client in the long run—and love and trust can STILL be foundational to your brand! Trust us on this! Ensuring that your company is doing things the legal way from the get-go can save you a lot of pain in case an issue ever does arise. 

Here are some things you might want to reach out to a legal consultant on:

-launching your business and trademarking your logo—when it comes to protecting your company, your trademark is invaluable! We always give others the benefit of the doubt, but if you see someone tarnishing your brand in any way, stand up for it! We trademarked both our company name, POSH PR®, and our logo, Champagne Is Always The Answer®.

-building contracts

-anytime legal requirements change and affect you or your client work (we needed a lot of help with GDPR compliance!)

-forming partnerships with other companies

Our friend Rachel Brenke has helped us many a time with legal matters, and she has a ton of great resources on her website! There are also lots of podcasts and blogs to assist you on your small business journey. And don’t forget: we’re always here to be your Business BFF!


The PR Dolls