Working from Wherever, Whenever!

Sometimes POSH PR® is in Miami, sometimes we are in Palm Beach, and sometimes we are in New York City. And other times, our clients are all over the world! When your business grows and one of your top priorities is your employees and creating a 21st century business, the ability to work from wherever and whenever, to me, is so important. When I am on the go, being able to pop up in a doctor’s waiting room, on an airplane and even dictating emails to your dolls when you are driving — this helps you save valuable time! 


My husband, Costa, has been here there and everywhere over the past month or so, traveling for work. For him, this summer required a lot more traveling than usual. It has been an adjustment! During a four hour delay at the airport the other day, he called me and asked, “How am I supposed to get work done when I am out of the office all of the time?!” He was asking a pro. When you are an entrepreneur and small business-owner, the world has to become your office.


Running your own business does come with flexibility, Dolls. Flexibility, however, can be a double-edged sword. Yes, you do get to work on your own time. But no, that does not mean there is less work to be done! As a matter of fact, you now have the additional responsibility of being your own timeline, your own enforcer. Working from anywhere at anytime is a discipline, but like most disciplines, it offers a freeing reward! So, how do I get things done?! 

1. I make things a little easier by having a portable, lightweight 12” MacBook (rose gold, of course!) that slips perfectly into my YSL bag. Yes, this was a requirement before purchasing my new bag!
2. Apple’s wireless headphones are a necessity, especially when talking with a client on the phone. Having my hands free to take valuable notes for reference makes all the difference (pro tip: get as many thoughts out of your head and written/typed out!) 
3. And I always, always have a hotspot wherever I am (even in the car!)
4. This might sound silly to you, but something I ALWAYS carry with me? A phone charger and a computer charger! You never know when you will be out and about and creativity strikes! 

What are some of your work-from-wherever must-haves?! Let us know in the comments, Dolls!


Caroline, The Boss Doll