Work Like a Doll

Hey boss babes, #workflow looks different for everyone! With client meetings, international travel, and remote dolls, we have to find a way to stay on the same page and make sure all our boxes get checked. In fact, today Caroline and Kym are out leading the PR Behind the Pretty workshop at Valentine Properties. But while they are showing off our PR, sales, and marketing expertise, we continue working with clients who need blogs, brands, and brainstorming throughout the day. How do we stay on top of it all?

You’ve heard us talk about Planoly a thousand times. It is simply the best! Instagram is the most important platform for us and for our clients, and Planoly makes it easy to see your grid, draft your captions, and schedule things ahead of time. Social media never stops, so without a tool like Planoly we’d never take a break!

When it comes to project management, we love Basecamp. This makes it super easy to manage brand assets, brainstorming, and communication with clients. Plus, it includes a calendar so that we can always see what’s due for who and when!

And finally, Apple. We love our gold MacBooks here at POSH PR®! We sync our desktops so that there’s never a problem with sharing files (and we share a lot of files)! iCal shows us each doll’s schedule, Notes lets us dump everything we are thinking into a shared space we can all see, and iCloud keeps everything organized for us.

We are always looking to grow and improve so that we can better serve our clients. What are YOUR favorite tools for efficiency in the office? We’d love to hear it!



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