POSH Client: Valentine Properties

Heart and Sold

We believe you have the power to create the life you’ve always dreamed of living at ANY age. Our sweet friend and client, Heather Valentine, couldn’t agree more. Heather started her entrepreneurship journey at the young age of 21 and is the Principal Broker and Owner of Valentine Properties.

Something that we don’t take lightly? When our clients trust us with their brand. We were so honored to work with Heather and her team to execute a Brand Refresh! 


Ready, set, refresh!

I know what you are thinking… Why would you refresh a brand that has been in business for years? Well, even established luxury brands can benefit from a brand refresh! Take Kate Spade, for example. They recently announced they’ve made updates to their logo, brand colors, textures and patterns. Does the brand look completely different? No. Is it elevated, yes!

Our goal with Valentine Properties was to elevate the overall brand mood by designing custom textures, fine-tuning their fonts, and clearly defining their overall color scheme.  

Once their brand identity was in a place where all of #ThePRDolls were throwing the confetti in the office, we started working on the next phase in the brand refresh… executing a Branding Photoshoot. These photoshoots are a LOT of work but a lot of FUN, too! We get to style #AllThePrettyThings and create multiple scenes to capture content that is completely customized to our client’s brand. For this shoot in particular, it was important to incorporate “Valentine Red” and to keep the photos bright, fun and approachable. 

A key element of the Valentine Properties brand is their welcoming attitude. When a potential client is scrolling through their social media or exploring their website, it is important for them to see photos that reflect just that!


All the Details

The project didn’t stop there… Our next phase was a completely custom website build. Building a website is a task that requires patience and attention to detail. You’ve heard the concept of double-checking your work, right? Well, The PR Dolls triple and quadruple check EVERYTHING (and we mean everything) to ensure that your new website is absolutely perfect. From SEO to the overall experience of telling your brand story on your website — we definitely take pride in the little details! Our CEO and Head Doll always says that the difference between moderate and luxury is found within the little details.

Being a part of a brand coming to life is such an incredible experience. Elevate her so she can live the life she’s always dreamed of living — this is our mission at POSH PR®. Heather, thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your brand!

Are you in need of a Brand Identity or a Brand Refresh for your business? We know the perfect team (hint — it’s us!!). Let us help you attract your ideal client, create custom content, and build a brand that is completely and uniquely you! 



The PR Dolls